You Can't Be Too Good

"You can't be too good" said Bob Ford, Addison/Dicus & Bailey's head carpet installer. "It's as simple as that."

Which is why in the first week of March two ADB installers took a three-day training course and became certified in installing wool carpets including tufted wool and velvet. Ford became certified ten years ago.

P.J. Arthur of the Natural Fiber Installation Certification (NFIC) backed his truck into our warehouse and unloaded samples, machines and study material.

Our installers received hands-on training and practice in pattern matching, double stitching, site prep, carpet construction and much more.

PJ and Bob Ford chat before NFIC session.
PJ Arthur and Bob Ford chat before NFIC session.


"Wool is the toughest, longest lasting carpet you can buy," said Ford. "But it's hard to work with and requires experience and training."

Installers had to have at least four years experience to qualify to take the course.

Chris Sharpless said that before becoming an ADB installer, he had to reject wool jobs. "There are too many ways to do it wrong," he said. "And there are thousands out there like me."

Portrait Chris Sharpless
Chris Sharpless


Wilton and Axminster are the two most popular wool carpet products. "We lay a lot of both," said Ford.

Axminster is the most durable.

Axminster stair runner.
Axminster stair runner. Notice the pattern matching.


The quality and durability of wool make it a favorite of our interior design clients because it's a favorite of their clients. But wool carpets must be installed right.

"Seams and doorways are huge installation problems and must be done right in the beginning or will be a problem in the future," said Ford.

"It is much less expensive to do a wool installation right in the beginning, even if it costs more, than to fix a bad installation three years later," he said.

The training also taught techniques for dealing with minor flaws in the carpet. On-site repair beats rejecting the whole order and sending it back to the mill and engaging in extended warranty battles and bickering over shipping costs. Experienced, certified installers can work with the mill and fix the flaw on the job. This saves time, money and tears and does not void warranties.

At ADB we consider carpet installation a craft of the highest order. It's essential for out interior design partners locally. It's why we take installation jobs around the country.




34-AN-054  KAL 388958 ARTISAN AN -054 RST RED SIZE 7'10 X 9'7  (handknotted)

KAL 388958 ARTISAN AN -054 RST RED SIZE 7'10 X 9'7  (handknotted)

Designer net $1920



34-AN-056-912  KAL ARTISAN AN -056 SIZE 9 X 11'10

KAL ARTISAN AN -056 SIZE 9 X 11'10

Designer net $2600
Closeout $1000



88-Lori-3 hand loomed rug

88-Lori-3 Des
Hand Loomed

Designer Net $1,360


88-TA-7 Des Hand Loomed
88-TA-7 Des
Hand loomed

Designer Net $1,280




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