Rug First

Addison/Dicus & Bailey founder, Gary Dicus, gave a great discourse on picking hand-knotted area rugs. We are in the business of selling rugs, but we don't consider it a sales pitch,

It's just damn good advice.


Pick the Rug First!

There are a bunch of good reasons why it makes sense to build your room design on and around the rug. Get it first and you will enjoy a focused and creative design journey. Get it last and you probably will experience a long, frustrating search and wind up with unsatisfactory choices.

Transitional rug supporting dining set.

The rug supports everything!   Photo thanks to


The rug is literally the foundation of the room. It supports everything, including the occupants. It also supports every other design decision in the room, including color, style, wall hangings, and art objects.

Most expensive

It's likely the most expensive item in the room. You want to get it right. Buying the rug first dramatically ups the odds of getting it right.

Easiest to Coordinate to

Matching a slipcover to the rug is a lot less expensive than matching a rug to a slipcover. There are thousands of decorative fabrics and millions of wall paint shades. Conversely, available rugs number in the hundreds and low thousands at best.

Large, multicolored, hand-knotted rug in room with neutral colored furniture.

The rug offers up a smorgasbord of color and textural possibilities to the room. Photo thanks to


Scarcest to source

It is the most scarce of the room's furnishings. Within our own building, there are 750 rugs but 85000 fabric samples. Paint choices are infinite. 

If you pick fabrics and paint, you can play hell coordinating it to the right rug, if you can find it.

If you pick the rug first, fabric and paint are easy to coordinate.


Don't Get Boxed In

Don't get boxed in with limitless products forcing a second or third choice on the most precious of furnishings.

Love the rug. Pick it before fabric and paint. Then pick the fabric and paint that will also love the rug.


Color Pallet Creator

Hand-knotted, hand-dyed rugs can present you with a stunning array of color choices. These nurture unlimited creativity.


Determines the Genre of the Room

The rug can dress the room in any style. Traditional, transitional and modern are the main categories. The rug will make visitors think immediately, "this room has a _______ feel to it."

Modern furniture on modern rug.

Modern/modern. Photo thanks to


Current Style Samples

Below are some current examples that are working for designers.

Traditional gray-blue, hand-knotted Oushak style area rug.

This Oushak style rug is traditional and somewhat formal with both cool and warm tones.


Transitional to modern area rug with whimsical puzzle.

Modern and whimsical. The maker has hidden the word, "LOVE" in the rug. Hint: it's upside down in this photo and really hard to find.


Flat woven rug using expertly hand-spun wool.

This warm neutral is weaved with soft, comfortable hand-spun wool. Picking a neutral rug opens up a huge selection of design choices.


Most enduring

The rug is also likely to be the most enduring item in the room. A well-cared-for rug can last centuries.


It's a Design System

The rug is a design system. Once chosen, it defines the living space of the room, supports its color pallet, supports its style, joins with its art objects, sets a textural standard and can be a joy to its owner every day.


Pick the Rug First!

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