Indoor/Outdoor Carpet and Rugs in Florida

Outdoor carpet under backyard cabana

Indoor/outdoor fabrics do much better in the shade.

It's the time of year when we'll soon be thinking of being outside more. With covid, even more so.

Using polypropylene rugs on patios, porches and poolside we can design an outdoor experience that is more lively and colorful than was possible only a few years ago.

At the same time, these rugs and carpets can work well indoors.

Indoor/outdoor area rug on patio seating area.

Totally exposed fabrics will eventually fade in the Florida sun.

They are mostly stain proof, although in Florida mold and mildew may cause blotches.

They are mostly UV resistant, although here in Florida that has proven to be not totally the case. Florida rays can and do dry out the fabric and fade colors.

With time all Floridians learn that the environment, while pleasant much of the time, can devastate most outdoor objects given enough time.

But with a little care and knowledge, you can enjoy outdoor rugs for years.

Important Things to Know about Indoor/Outdoor Rugs and Carpets


Outdoors indoor/outdoor rugs often do work with pads in Florida. Pads often fail when exposed to the weather. However, special pads and cushions are available and can work under the right circumstances. 

Indoors indoor/outdoor rugs will work nicely with a pad or rubber backing.


Indoor wall-to-wall carpeting can look nice. However, this product cannot be seamed. The size of the roll is 13 feet two inches and that's as wide a coverage as you are going to get. A wall-to-wall installation will be glued down.


Custom rugs can be bound or serged. They are almost always serged. At Addison/Dicus & Bailey because of the gnarly nature of the fiber, we usually get the mill to make customized rugs, mostly by special order.

Color Coordination

The mills buy yarn in huge rolls and consequently are used in more than one pattern. This enables interior designers to "color connect" spaces where the carpeting is being used. Inside/outside, outside/outside, room-to-room.

Samples of indoor/outdoor rug and carpets

Some Samples

Selections are virtually limitless. Prepare for option anxiety. Below are a few randomly picked examples.

We love using outdoor rugs to complete a space to make it feel warm and cohesive. Plus it's a great way to add color, texture and pattern since most outdoor furniture is typically neutral. 
Gregorie P. Bylenga
Creative Director
Duo Design Studios


Indoor/outdoor carpet.


Indoor/outdoor rug indoors.


Indoor/outdoor rug with wicker chair.


Selected samples indoor/outdoor carpeting.


Samples of indoor/outdoor carpeting with yarn samples.


These Just In

And we like them a lot!

Stone colored indoor/outdoor carpeting.


Indoor/outdoor carpeting blue in braded pattern.
Multi light browns in braded pattern - indoor/outdoor carpeting.
Indoor/outdoor carpeting with classic blue accents.



Bolts of custom made rugs from carpets.

Newly fabricated remnant rugs.  Current carpet styles.
Sizes 4 x 6 $50
Sizes 5 x 7 $70

Custom rugs from popular carpets.

Newly fabricated remnant rugs.  Current carpet styles.
Sizes 4 x 6 $50
Sizes 5 x 7 $70



Wool ivory carob brown 8 x 10 area rug.

Wool, ivory, carob brown 8’2 x 10
Designer net $4593.60
Closeout: $900


Gandara oushak 8x10 wool area rug.
Gandara Oushak
Designer net $3120
Closeout $900



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