Breaking In Your New Hand-knotted Rug

Hand-knotted rugs have characteristics that make them seem to be alive. All cause problems. All are easily fixed.


Also known as "sprouting" little strands of yarn pop up through the top of the pile and can look like your rug is sprouting bits of yarn. 

It's a normal event in the young life of a hand-knotted rug. Here's why.


The Rug Is Like Your Lawn

When the grass grows for a week in the summer, it will look shaggy until you mow it. Then the tops of the blades of grass are even, like the pile of a rug.

Weavers tie literally millions of knots to a grid of strong material called the foundation. The two strands of yarn from the knots make up the pile of the rug.

When the weavers have tied all the knots, it's like grass that needs mowing.

Shearers come along and shear (mow) the strands of yarn to create the smooth pile you see on rugs in our showroom.

But sometimes they miss a strand. It hides from the shearer under the surface of the pile. The Shearer misses it. The rug washers miss it. The rug packers miss it. Everyone misses it.

Eventually, the rug is laid out for a new owner 7000 miles away in Florida. The new owner is thrilled until that strand pops up. Then another strand. Then another. The owner thinks the rug is flawed and calls her designer, who calls us.

But the rug isn't falling apart. The strand is firmly knotted to the foundation of the rug. It just needs to be clipped.

So we clip it. Or you can clip it.

It's no wonder that a few strands escape the shearer.

Let's say your rug is a 9x12 and has 80 knots per inch which is about average.

Your rug will contain 1,244,160 knots with two strands each: 2,488,320 strands! Yikes! No wonder that a few of these escape the shearer and pop up later.

Popups can appear for as long as a year as the rug gets walked on and vacuumed.

It's just part of the life cycle of many rugs.


The Solution to Popups

Hand-knotted wool rug with popups.

As the name implies, popups popup, or sprout. One might legitimately think that the rug is flawed and about to unravel. Not so!

This is a single strand of yarn knotted to the foundation of the rug. It just needs a trim.

Trimming the popup.

Give it a snip with a pair of scissors at or below the surrounding pile and it's gone forever.

Rug with popups trimmed.

No popup!


Edge Curls

Depending on you your new rug has been folded or rolled on tube, it's edges can curl up in an annoying way.

The solution is to curl them the opposite way.

Rug with curled edge.

When rugs are rolled up for a long time, they are reluctant to become unrolled and the edge can stick up.

Back folding rug with curled edge.

The solution is simple. Give it a good tight roll in the opposite direction.

Rug flattened by back folding.

The rug flattens.


Storage Wrinkles

Folding rugs can cause them to wrinkle. These are easily flattened in one of three ways.

We roll them tightly on a tube.

We steam out the wrinkle.

We place a weight on the wrinkle.

We take care of solutions one and two before delivering the rug to the buyer. If it's still bumpy, we apply the weight at the owner's home.

These wrinkles cause the most consternation in the showroom, where they may have just been unwrapped after spending weeks in the hold of a freighter. Don't let that alter your judgment about the rug. After flattening the rug in one of the above ways, it will be as flat as your floor for life.





Wc double loop
wool and faux silk
size 8'9 X 11'6 OR 100.63 sq ft

CLOSE OUT $950.00


Closeup AF 11

Wc double loop - closeup




Cabbage Mist 10 x 14 60% wool 40% silk hand-knotted area rug.

Cabbage Mist
10 x 14
60% wool 40% silk

LIST PRICE: $12,320
SALE PRICE: $5,080.00


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