Uncustomary Custom Carpets

Sometimes you have to do uncustomary things to carpets to get the look you want.

Check out these stair runners.



Installation master, Bob Ford, Jr. made a unique intersection from a rather complex pattern.



Notice here how the floral medallion marches in precise order down the stairs, across the landing and down again.



It is mathematically impossible to make turns with a pattern like this, but you have to look hard to see how Ford compensated for the curve.



Becoming a stair runner makes this pattern very interesting.


Look how the carpet is flaired as it approaches the bottom of the stairs. It takes real craftsmanship to make clean cuts on a bias this way.



Here a table is pretty much attached to the floor - permanently. The owners wanted a carpet underneath.



Voila! It looks for all the world like the table and the metal sheets  are on top of the cut-to-fit carpet.



Inlay blends and accommodates the floorplan.






This inlaid custom carpet was designed by retired interior designer, Jim Parks, and executed by Bob Ford, Jr. and his team.

It is comprised of over 150 pieces of cut and seamed carpet.

Tragically it was destroyed in a plumbing accident.