We Have to Empty our Warehouse Immediately

Warehouse landlord surprises us by declining to renew the lease.

Which Carpet Should I Use?

First Step Should Not Be Color

We know. Sometimes color has to be your number one priority.

How Rugs Are Made in Nepal

Last month we hosted a presentation from rugmaker Tamarian on how rugs are made and how they can be customized in Nepal.


Have Lunch with Us - And Custom Hand Knotted Rugs

Lately we have talked a lot about customization.

Fabricated Rugs Cheatsheet

Custom fabricated rugs can solve a lot of design problems. Many designers may not be aware of all their options using them. Here are some ways custom rugs may be able to help you.

Mid Century Modern ART on the Floor

Following World War II, abstract art enjoyed widespread acceptability in New York, which had become the world's premier modern art center.


50-Year Old Loom to Revolutionize Rug Making

New Innovation in the Rug Industry

Signs of Big Changes in Fine Rug Making

Times change. Technology changes. Markets change.  Skill sets change.


How to Make a Wood Floor Last Forever

Last year we posted a piece recommending oil over polyurethane as a finish on almost all wood flo

New for the New Year

by Mike Bailey

It's the end of a great year. 

Everyone is busy enjoying themselves celebrating the Holidays and happy not to be busy with work for a few days.