Wendy Gold

Every designer works differently.

Wendy ought to know. After design school, she and a partner ran a design business in the Tampa Bay area for 20 years.

Consequently, she's in demand in the showroom because she's got the answer to every question from, "what's a good rug to go with this piece of fabric?" to "how long will it take to get this in a 10x10?"

 For me Addison Dicus is a great place to source, "...because it has the best collections of world class rugs and carpets and experienced personnel. I love relating to other designers and helping them speed up the specifying process."

Wendy has been living in Florida since 1980. She's originally from Costa Mesa Calif and attended  Orange Coast college. She has two grown sons which explains her 10-year adventure as a Scout leader. On the weekends, like many Floridians, she likes to get outside in her garden and loves to water ski. She also enjoys weight training and is now practicing yoga.