Mike Bailey

I have been with the company since 2004 and have had the honor to be a partial owner since 2015. My goal has been and will always be to carry the torch that Gary Dicus lit and nurtured for many years.

My knowledge of rugs has come from osmosis. We have a great crew here at Addison/Dicus & Bailey, some very knowledgeable vendors, and most of all great interior designers whom I've worked with in the showroom and on their jobs.

My biggest takeaway: "The rug is the most enduring, largest and often most expensive item in the room. It can easily last a lifetime. Buy one that you love."

After six years in the Marine Corps and four years in college, I began a career in accounting with Mellon Financial in Pittsburgh. Family connections and better weather lured me to Florida where in 2004 I joined Addison/Dicus.

I'm married to Karen. We have two children, Lily and Sam. On the weekends the we Baileys like to get outside and take every opportunity to go boating, fishing or camping.