Portrait of Julia Kennedy

Julia spent majority of her career in the film, optical disc & video industry, she  moved to the Tampa Bay area with her family  husband, Bob, and daughter, Sarah, from Chicago in 2002.

She spent ther last eight years at Revolution Mills, a hardwood flooring retailer, where she developed a strong principles with respect to the flooring business.

"I find it extremely  important to be an active interviewer/listener. Understanding style, look and feel are important but so is  performance ."

She believes that your flooring is the pallet that you're building from. It's a very long term choice.

"Asking lifestyle questions might seem a little intrusive, but it's essential. It's crucial information that will have a big impact on life for a long time. I insist on flooring that meets and exceeds expectations.

"Color is obviously extremely important, but so is species and finish. Some woods are harder than others so in the case of a very active family you want to choose a species that will handle that lifestyle."