New for the New Year

Fingerprint rug in blue and brown So this end-of-the-year email is mostly pictures. Simple. These are all new rugs. They are available in standard sizes. Scroll through and enjoy.

Rug Buying Trip to India

Modern rug in red from Varanasi Rug Show Addison/Dicus & Bailey sources rugs from many weavers. And it's our policy to go in person to meet weavers on their turf. Although there are booths by the hundreds and rugs by the thousands at the Varanasi Rug Show, you can find a lot about recent pricing trends and maybe fall in love with some new creations.

Bold Creativity at NY Rug Show

Hand-knotted rug with a blue-eyed tiger The New York Rug Show displayed a burst of creative energy. There were ideas that we have not see before. Fun to see what will sell.

Floor Covering Warranties - The Facts

Carpet installer repairing carpet installation The concept of “warranty” can be deceptive. Don’t be deceived.

Nepal Holiday to Delay Special Rug Orders

Nepalese women prepare for the Dashain Festival

From Oct 1 through Nov. 7 all Nepalese rug manufacturing stops to celebrate the Dashain Festival.

If you place a special order for a rug to go on the loom in Nepal, it will not be ready by the American Holiday season.

Please keep this in mind as you manage projects due around the Holidays.

When to Use a Tufted Rug

Tufted rug with abstract design When do you want to use a tufted rug? When your budget calls for it.

More Custom Carpets and Masterful Stair Runners

Custom stair and hall runner - multi-shaped At Dicus Ford, the installation company of Addison/Dicus & Bailey, long time installer Bob Ford Jr. is really good at making custom carpets and making them look great.

Make Furniture and the Rug Work Together

Measuring tape on wood floor The day has come. Addison/Dicus & Bailey has arrived with your client's new rug. We've unrolled it and are waiting to replace the furniture. Uh, exactly how do you want us to do this?

Uncustomary Custom Carpets

Multi-shape, multi-colored custom carpet

Sometimes you have to do uncustomary things to carpets to get the look you want.

Check out these stair runners.



Installation master, Bob Ford, Jr. made a unique intersection from a rather complex pattern.


Pop! How Small Rugs Can Provide an Outsized Look

Red rug in a white bathroom A famous interior designer said that every room needs an element of surprise.