Pink rug aged
Striving for Old Age I have observed three design techniques that cross over the traditional/contemporary barrier and give designers infinite possibilities to work with fine, handknotted rugs in exciting new ways.
Marsala colored rugs
Marsala with Rugs and Fabrics Marsala is the name of the wine made near the town of Marsala in western Sicily. It has many distinguishing and enduring characteristics.

It's fortified. Distilled spirits, usually grape brandy, are added to the finished product. At first this practice assured that the wine could withstand long sea voyages without going bad. Now it's because people enjoy the taste and warmth of the extra alcohol content (in the neighborhood of 15-20 percent).

Similarly, PANTONE 18-1438 Marsala, color of the year, evokes a lot of responses.  
Headshot of Eric Miller
Eight Social Media Tactics to Get More Interior Design Clients “We worked hard to produce interesting and attractive content on our blog. We promoted it by posting it on Facebook and sharing it on Twitter. Of course we have made modifications to this basic plan over the years, but that was the starting scheme and it worked pretty well.”
Furniture setting with Oushak rug
Oushak Before and After When our neighbors at Market Place Interiors did a photo shoot using a beautiful Oushak from the Addison/Dicus showroom, we could not resist doing a before and after.
Orange and gray cowhide rug
Cowhide - From the Ranch House to the Penthouse I can't help but marvel at the extraordinary craftsmanship and creativity I'm seeing in cowhide rugs.
Vintage Anatolian rug with white medallion
Vintage Anatolian Rugs Traveling to Turkey on and off for the last 12 years, I have been lucky enough to develop reliable sources for vintage and antique rugs.
Rug showroom Addison/Dicus/Bailey Tampa
Five Habits of Successful Interior Designers In over 30 years of serving the interior design community exclusively with our carpeting business, we've picked up a few consistent practices or "musts" from successful designers. The most oft repeated axiom is probably that the overwhelming majority of a designer's business comes from referrals. So it pays to invest time and energy into the relationships that you've already formed.
Picture of Addison/Dicus & Bailey wood showroom
Miles of Great Wood Flooring Check out some samples of Addison Dicus Aria wood flooring.
Domotex prize winning rug 2014
A Thoroughly Modern Traditional Rug At the Domotex show, a Turkish-American designer from New York won the prize for the Best Modern Rug Design. His name is Erbil Tezcan. He is a fascinating character as well as a fabulous designer.
Beautiful orange and blue sari
Tahiti Ivory Teal Sari Rug Indian saris are the colorful dress/wraps that make India a never-ending festival of color. Recently rug makers have taken the same silk as that is used to make saris and spun it into a yarn to weave rugs. The results are always surprising.