Rug in mysterious night colors
Holiday Decorating with Rugs Area rugs get attention and are a great way to bring a festive Holiday spirit to a room. Here are some ideas that we like.
Pastel abstract rug in blue and pink
Highlights of the New York Rug Show Because of Hurricane Irma, I was not able to go the the New York Rug Show. Some of our vendors were kind enough to send pictures of rugs that did well for them at the show. Here are some selected rugs from those pictures
Carpet remnants
We Have to Empty our Warehouse Immediately Warehouse landlord surprises us by declining to renew the lease.
Master Bedroom with carpet
Which Carpet Should I Use? We know. Sometimes color has to be your number one priority. But for long term satisfaction you almost always will be better off starting...
Nepalese sheep with a red pom
How Rugs Are Made in Nepal Last month we hosted a presentation from rugmaker Tamarian on how rugs are made and how they can be customized in Nepal. I liked it so much that I'm summarizing the manufacturing portion this month in our newsletter. Special thanks to Chris Saliga and Geoff Duckworth for their presentation and making the images available to us!
Colorful custom made rug in elevator lobby
Have Lunch with Us - And Custom Hand Knotted Rugs

Lately we have talked a lot about customization.

Fabricated rug layered with area rug
Fabricated Rug Cheatsheet

Custom fabricated rugs can solve a lot of design problems. Many designers may not be aware of all their options using them. Here are some ways custom rugs may be able to help you.

Mid century modern art design on a hand-knotted rug
Mid Century Modern ART on the Floor

Following World War II, abstract art enjoyed widespread acceptability in New York, which had become the world's premier modern art center.


Nirvana collection "Peace and Light"
50-Year Old Loom to Revolutionize Rug Making Up until now, machine-made rugs have poorly measured up to those made by hand.
Fine rug made on a loom
Signs of Big Changes in Fine Rug Making Now for the first time in thousands of years, gradually, very gradually the hand-knotted rug industry is showing signs of change.