Samad rug with metallic thread
New York Rug Show 2018

Last year we were all set to go big at the New York Rug Show, but hurricane Irma held us hostage in Tampa while she made her way through.

Washing a new rug at factory in India
All in the Family Pets are special family members who require special Design considerations.
Anatolian Rug 4x6
From Turkey, with Love

New Anatolian Collection

Every year or so, a vendor friend from Turkey of long acquaintance offers us a small collection of Anatolian rugs. They have proven to be very popular.

Wassily Merlebleu
New Website

We Have a New Website

After six years we have updated our website.

Diagram showing how Janka scale is determined
Four Facts Every Designer Should Know About Wood Floors Here are four wood flooring topics that can gobble up a lot of your time, but can be tamed with these facts.
Sandstone handknotted rug
CloseOuts! A New Opportunity for Designers at ADB

Gary Dicus who founded our company and who had an outsized love for rugs said many times that a rug sometimes has to hang in the showroom for a while, but sooner or later someone will come in and l

A rug with the Buddha
My Take on the Atlanta Rug Show

Weekend before last, I bundled up and hit the Atlanta Rug Show, part of the Atlanta Market. Several vendors that we like were going to be there.

Winding staircase backed by flooring on the wall
Flooring on Walls (and Ceilings?) Looking for a unique way to treat a wall? Cover it with flooring. Here are some examples of how others have done it.