Custom rug
Custom Rug - Custom Geometry

Custom rugs can give a space a unique identity.

Canvas_Denim.WEB_2048x2048Tuf rug with faux silk
Faux Silk and When to Use It

When Your Goal Is More Decoration than Durability

Faux silk in rugs performs a great service to designers: it provides the wonderful

Screen shot of rug showing video.
Try Rugs Before Buying

If you don't know already, Addison/Dicus & Bailey is out of both showrooms daily showing rugs in the rooms where designers think they will work.

Valloire - hand-knotted in wool and metallic thread
New Year - New Rugs

2019 is well underway and we have a lot of new rugs in our showrooms. It's not like we planned to have new rugs for the New Year, but it's turned out that way.

Final installation of custom fabricated rug
Thank You for 2018

We love working with you in 2018 and look forward to working with you in2019!

Floral vine ruby rug
Season Closeouts

We've enjoyed great success with our closeout program. To celebrate we are bringing you a much larger collection of closeout bargains.

Wing chair on LVT plank
Is There a Place for Luxury Vinyl Tile?

We've been thinking that a relatively new flooring product deserves your attention.

Tree Ornaments
What You Can Do for Your Clients Before The Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching. We decided it might be useful to offer up a few tips on getting things done in that busy time so that you are better able to manage client expectations.

Samad rug with metallic thread
New York Rug Show 2018

Last year we were all set to go big at the New York Rug Show, but hurricane Irma held us hostage in Tampa while she made her way through.