Front of Decorative Arts Center and entrance to Addison/Dicus & Bailey

The word "fresh" is hard to describe, but we know it when we see it.

Take the shot of the entrance to Addison/Dicus and Bailey here. We just painted the building. It looks fresh.

Bathroom with herringbone wood flooring
Parquet in the Main Stream

Wood flooring manufacturers are responding to the growing demand for patterned floors. There are now plenty of offerings of parquet and other styles like herringbone.

Hair on hide shearling mosaic rug.
At the New York Rug Show

The New York Rug Show is a premier, forward-looking gathering and I generally go every year.


Machined area rug with hand-knotted design
Budget Saving Area Rugs

Every design project has a budget and every one has a space to enhance.

Some spaces are allotted more money. Some have to get by.

Very large carpet pieces seamed together
Seamingly Impossible

Here was the problem. The designer and her client picked out a sisal/wool carpet. The mill delivered it on a 13' 2" roll.

AEV-WHTBLK Moraccan Rug
New Take on Moroccan Rugs

Several years ago Beni Ourain rugs were quite popular in the U.S. These were made by nomadic tribes in the Atlas Mountains spanning Morocco and Algeria.

Living room setting on rug with white lab
Tips on Dealing with Rug Sizes

We get a lot of questions about the best way to place a rug. 

Here are some suggestions with a few principles that you might find helpful.

Custom rug
Custom Rug - Custom Geometry

Custom rugs can give a space a unique identity.

Canvas_Denim.WEB_2048x2048Tuf rug with faux silk
Faux Silk and When to Use It

When Your Goal Is More Decoration than Durability

Faux silk in rugs performs a great service to designers: it provides the wonderful