Ryder - cockapoo puppy
When Your Dog Has an Accident on Your Rug How to deal with pee, poop or vomit when your dog has an accident on your rug. Here's how to take action to avoid stains and hopefully expensive stain-removal.
Red wine spilled on carpet.
Remove Red Wine Spills From Your Carpet or Rug From many discussions among ourselves & pro carpet cleaners & at least 1 actual incident, we have arrived at a new best practice for removing wine spills.
Union Bluetrail - 80% Wool & 20% Silk
Holiday Deadline Pressure? An Alternative to Panic

As we've written before, deliveries are slow and unpredictable.

Our installation calendar is full. Our work room for carpeting is booked solid.

Fabricated custom carpet
Fabricating a Rug - Step by Step

Fabricated rug: Various pieces of broadloom carpet are cut and reassembled to make a new, one-of-a kind customized rug. 

Floor redone virtually from dark to light.
Try Wood Floors Before You Buy

A couple of our wood flooring vendors have installed on their websites a gadget that lets you see what various wood designs look like in rooms that you are designing.

Caverns - 9x12 hand knotted rug
Hand Loomed Carpet - What It Can Do

Hand loomed broadloom carpet is more expensive than machine tufted broadloom. Its costs fall between broadloom and hand knotted.

Hand-knotted rug traditional design in blue-ivory
What's Old Is New Again

In our Central Florida market we are showing more classically designed rugs recently.

Flatweave rug in blue anchoring a sitting room
Flatweave and Its Advantages

Floor coverings are expensive, and the industry is always searching for product lines that fulfill every price need.

Enter a new and exciting line of flatweaves.

PJ Arthur and Bob Ford discuss Natural Fiber Installation Certification
You Can't Be Too Good

"You can't be too good" said Bob Ford, Addison/Dicus & Bailey's head carpet installer. "It's as simple as that."

Hand knotted wool and silk rug from Nepal
Quality, Trust, Reliability, Exclusivity

The Addison/Dicus & Bailey Company has partnered with Belgian rug designers, who have built an exclusive international rug brand.