Multi-colored Donegal rug

In 1898 Scottish textile manufacturer Alexander Morton formulated a concept: set up a rug weaving business in the West that used the time-tested, hand-knotting techniques of the East, but employed

Vermeer painting "Girl Reading a Letter"
Interior Design in 1657

We moderns enjoy thousands of years of art and decor history. Sometimes when you are out of ideas, the best place to turn is to the taste-setters of the past.

Photo of fashion show at Addison/Dicus & Bailey
Fashion Show at A/D After hours of preparation in the Center's Outdoor Artifact Garden, the fashion show had to be quickly moved into the Addison/Dicus showroom. All was not lost. In fact it turned out to be a great event.
Oushak rug in blue and brown
Why Oushaks? Traditionally weavers in Turkey used left over wool to spin a thick, tough yarn. They used it to weave rugs called Oushaks which they marketed to anyone who could afford them.
Rodin's "The Thinker"
10 Tips to Spur Creativity In the New York Times, Jonah Leher posted an article as a preview of his upcoming book exploring the the mysteries of creativity. He lists the below 10 suggestions to get the muse back on your side.
Rug in gold and pink
Common Sense Rug Care According to Mike Bailey at Addison Dicus, you have three chores to assure that you rug becomes an heirloom. 1. Vacuum sensibly. 2. Deal with stains immediately. 3. Have your rug professionally cleaned when you visually determine it needs it.