Shot of Bob Ford Sr. at Addison/Dicus & Bailey office
Bob Ford

Bob Ford Sr. an absolute master of carpet installation, passed away on August 6. He was 83.

Seating area with neutral rug and red furniture.
How Designers Buy Rugs We feel fortunate and grateful that our business continues to thrive in this high tech age. We think that it's because we provide a special service tailored to the interior design community that they can't get from other rug merchants. 
Modern condo design with dark wood flooring and fireplace
New Condo: Modern Please

The Tampa/Orlando condo markets are booming.

According to Zillow, 651 condos were listed for sale in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties at the beginning of June.

Bees on a honeycomb.
Hexagons The hexagon-structured honeycomb continues to inspire rug and carpet designers as it has for thousands of years.
Stack of Anatolian rugs
Anatolians We've received a new shipment of Anatolian rugs. Stop in and have a look.
Animal print in color slate as stair runner with puddle.
Animal Prints - Stars and Top Supporting Roles

Animal prints can get top billing as featured performers.

Or they can support the space as interesting neutrals.

Hand-knotted layered on seagrass rug.
Natural Fiber Rugs and Carpets - Updated Guide

(This is an update to our original blog on natural fiber carpets and rugs.)

Carpets and rugs made from seagrass, sisal and jute are referred to as natural fiber carpets and rugs.

Ryder - cockapoo puppy
When Your Dog Has an Accident on Your Rug How to deal with pee, poop or vomit when your dog has an accident on your rug. Here's how to take action to avoid stains and hopefully expensive stain-removal.
Red wine spilled on carpet.
Remove Red Wine Spills From Your Carpet or Rug From many discussions among ourselves & pro carpet cleaners & at least 1 actual incident, we have arrived at a new best practice for removing wine spills.