Elegant Rugs

Pizzazz white, black rug with blue accents.

When the Budget and Your Client Call for Something Special

A couple of months ago we suggested some rug ideas that are easy on a tight budget while sacrificing nothing in style and beauty.

This month we want to show you a selection of premium rugs that will make a great room even better. 

All of these are hand-knotted from wool and silk in India and Nepal. All are programmed, meaning that they are available in a variety of sizes. 


Runners and Foyer Rugs

Wool, hand-knotted foyer rug. This is a lovely collection of practical runners and foyer rugs. They are all hand-knotted and made of wool, with one exception made of cow hide.

Budget Savers

Elegant room with fabricated rug. You can achieve great beauty with fabricated rugs when your budget needs help.

Star Stair Runners

Stairs with installed carpeting. Beautiful stair runner installations by Addison/Dicus & Bailey's Chris Sharpless.

Support for Rug Weavers

Weavers busy working on a rug. International organization offers rug weavers a better lifestyle.

New, Super Tough, Beautiful Flooring Options

Spire Cove style New technology changes are coming at a rapid clip. Here are two new selections to think about for your next luxury vinyl project.

Custom Carpet with a Logo

Crisp logo embedded in NY Yankees office formatted rug. An artisan is what it takes to build a one-of-a-kind custom carpet with a logo.

Is Artificial Intelligence Coming for Our Business?

A robot pitching an interior design. This question has taken on real life meaning with the recent arrival of ChatGPT and a slew of other AI products.

Holiday Special :Closeouts

Small hand-knotted rug on sale. Special Holiday price. We've marked them down hugely as a thank you to our interior design community.

Wood Glossary

Closeup of tongue and groove solid wood flooring. Here is a glossary of terms and concepts that you will find useful when sourcing wood flooring.