Faux silk abstract area rug.
Beautiful Choices

When Beautiful Choices Can Come Back to Haunt You

And how to prevent it

Illustration of warp and weft.
Rug and Carpet Glossary

Trade terms you need to know


Natural color variation in hand-dyed rugs. It's usually caused by slight variations in the natural dye lots.

Hand-knotted stair runner approaching landing.
A Special Custom Stair Runner


Stair runners often dominate the look and feel of a home when you walk in. You see it if you look down. You see it if you look up. You see it if you look straight ahead.

Vendor rug display
What Covid Is Doing to Trade Shows During the first and middle stages of the pandemic, Covid made big gatherings impossible, including large trade shows. For many of our large vendors, this disruption give rise to new thinking about other ways to show their rugs to wholesalers like us.
Chart of declining labor participation rate.
Where Are the Workers? Everyone we know, whether they are our venders or our interior design clients, all despair over the lack of workers. Nowhere are they in abundance. Almost every project is late due to the lack of them. We decided to do a deep dive into the issue. If there is immediate solution, perhaps there are signs of hope?
Sample: light brown hardwood flooring in two styles.
Design Outlook: Continued Warming

We don't do interior design forecasting or trend picking. We spend our time taking care of the current needs of our interior design customer base.

Dealing with popups (sprouting) on hand-knotted rugs.
Breaking In Your New Hand-knotted Rug

Hand-knotted rugs have characteristics that make them seem to be alive. All cause problems. All are easily fixed.

Modern gray rug with modern furniture.
Rug First

Addison/Dicus & Bailey founder, Gary Dicus, gave a great discourse on picking hand-knotted area rugs.

Cell phone picture in natural light.
Better Interior Shots with Your Cell Phone

How many times do you as a designer pull out your cell phone and snap a picture?

Maybe you just finished a room and you need for the shot to show your work in the best possible light.

Anatolian runner in blue with warm accents
New Anatolians

A new shipment of Anatolian rugs is here!

Anatolians are simply rugs from Turkey. The word comes from Greek and means, "the East."