Which Carpet Should I Use?

First Step Should Not Be Color

We know. Sometimes color has to be your number one priority.

But for long term satisfaction you almost always will be better off starting with the use case.

Where will this carpet be used?

To help facilitate the search we present a breakdown of the best carpet to use for a variety of situations.

Hallways and Stairs

Stairs with carpet

Main Exposure

Traffic and shoe dirt

Best Carpet

Wool tufted or axminster. Typically not much carpet is needed making higher priced goods more accessible.

Use nylon if budget is a concern or if harsher future cleanings are expected. 

Formal Living Room

Formal living room with carpet

Main Exposure

Spillage and Pets

Best Carpet

Wool woven - typically a showcase room with lower traffic and staining issues. The use of more designer fibers such as viscose and tensil are more appropriate for these areas.

Formal Dining Room

Dining Room with carpet

Main Exposure

Spillage. Pets.

Best Carpet

Wool tufted. Wool axminster. Higher end nylon. Also a showcase area. Typically has higher budget for flooring.

Family Dining Room (breakfast room)

Family breakfast room with fabricated carpet

Main Exposure

Spillage and Pets

Best Carpet

Nylon if high stain probability – could also use indoor outdoor polypropylene. 

Family Rooms

Family room with carpet

Main Exposure

Pets. Spillage. Furniture moving.

Best Carpet

If active family with high stain, nylon. Otherwise tufted wool.

Children's Bedrooms

Childrens bedroom with carpet

Main Exposure

Spillage. Pets. Furniture moving.

Best Carpet

Nylon. Lower price point and ability to be wet cleaned makes it the best choice.

Master Bedroom

Master bedroom with carpet

Main Exposure

Pet stain. Spillage. Furniture wear.

Best Carpet

Wool - woven - usually higher budget with less wear and tear makes a more decorative wool the most popular choice. 

Guest Room

Guest bedroom with carpet

Main Exposure

Spillage. Pet staining. Furniture.

Best Carpet

Wool tufted. Tufted wool has lower price point than woven, but can still give the upgraded look and feel of wool. Also higher end nylon can make a nice floor covering without lowering the inherent value of the home. 

Commercial - Back Office

Commercial office with desks and carpet

Main Exposure

Spillage. Traffic.

Best Carpet

Commercial Nylon. Price point and ease of care for very high end projects. Axminster wool is also a long lasting durable choice.

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