What Makes Expensive Rugs Expensive

Recently rug makers have been looking for ways to offer less expensive options. This month we thought we would swim upstream and show you some more expensive selections.

Important Costs Considerations

Number one:  silk. If the rug contains silk, it's going to be more expensive than a rug that doesn't contain silk. Silk is a natural fiber, really tough, and if cared for, lasts a really long time.

Number two:  knot count. This is a simple labor calculation. An expensive rug will likely have about a hundred and fifty knots per inch. A "normal" rug will contain about 80 knots per inch on average. Obviously it takes a skilled weaver much longer to tie a hundred fifty knots then to tie  80.

Other factors that affect the cost. Country of origin. Manufacturer. Imported direct or passed through many middleman. Exotica like metal threads. Collectability. Demand.

Antique Rugs: A Category of Their Own

Really expensive rugs tend to be antiques. Antiques are rugs over a hundred years old. The antique rug market is highly specialized and rarefied. Addison Dicus does not stock antique rugs, but has the contacts to find what you need. Here is an example.

The rug immediately below is not only an antique, but it's also huge. It had to meet unusual size specs along with the right pallet. And it's an antique. Our search literally took us around the world. It's no wonder that it is expensive! Age and collectability. Demand.

Antique rug installed


Recently Weaved High Priced Rugs

From Nepal

 Rug handmade with the finest Tibetan wool, silk and linen.
A simple and elegant design crafted in Shakti weave.
The rug is made with the finest Tibetan wool, silk and linen.



Rug constructed with wool and hand-spun, hand-carved silk.
An artful blend of traditional design elements with a bold contemporary color palette.
Constructed with wool and hand-spun, hand-carved silk. See detail below.



Detail of wool-silk carving in wool and silk rug.
Here is a detail of the sculpting.



Wool and Metal

Hand-knotted rug with wool and metal threads
Hand carded wool interwoven with metal threads.


Rug 70% wool/30% silk, handknotted in Nepal.
70% wool/30% silk, hand knotted in Nepal.

Super Value Opportunity

Over stocking of rugs at a Nepalese weaver has presented us with a special opportunity. We are offering these new, in production rugs at 20-30% off designer net.

You can see them in our showrooms marked with a yellow tag.

Note that the size and color of the yellow-tagged rugs on our racks are the only ones on sale. Special orders for alternate sizes and colors will not be available at the sale price.

Here are some examples.

Rug: Glaucouse overlap  60% Wool & 40% Silk
Overlap TK Glaucous



Brushed prismatic
Brushed Prismatic



Samode vn blue storm
Samode vn Blue Storm



Granular tk blue

Granular tk Blue