We Have to Empty our Warehouse Immediately

carpet remnants in old warehouse

We Have Storage Problems (and many of you might too)

Our Tampa warehouse landlord unexpectedly has declined to renew the lease.

We have virtually no time to clear the place out.

You Might Have Stuff in the Warehouse

Some goods there have been left by designers in the warehouse in the past. If you are one of those, please come and get your carpet or rug. We will have little choice but to trash it or give it away to a charity if it is still here when we move the warehouse and shop to a new location.

On the other hand, if you have an order in progress with us, this does not apply to you. We will, as usual, strive to get all current work out in a timely manner and deliver as agreed.

Free Carpet!

We will also be giving away carpet remnants to anyone who wants them. Here is the deal. You have to take them as is and remove them from the warehouse. If you want to have them fabricated into something special, you can bring them back to us later. When our storage crises has past, we will happily take your order to cut, serge and/or bind.

First come, first serve!

Coming Later - Rug Blowout!

We also have a large inventory of fine area rugs that we would like to offer for sale at below cost. What are your thoughts about a large, blowout sale?

This would require a substantial time and labor commitment on our side.

Please respond to this email if you would be interested in such a sale. If we deem there is enough interest we will schedule something in the near future.

Stay tuned.