Star Stair Runners

Portrait of Chris Sharpless
Chris Sharpless

Since it was founded in 1983, Addison/Dicus & Bailey has installed thousands of stair runners. We have an earned reputation for making them stable and lasting, pattern-true, symetrical and beautiful. 

The reputation was established by master carpet installers, Bob Ford, Jr. and his father Bob Sr. We have often featured their work  on this blog.

Several years ago, Chris Sharpless came to work for us and has been installing spectacular stair runners since. 

"I'm grateful to Bob Ford Jr. for teaching me, and still teaching me, the fabrication side of carpet," said Chris. "I'm thankful that Addison/Dicus & Bailey has given me the opportunity to practice this craft."

Here is a small showcase of his recent work.



Animal Patterns


Animal patterns are difficult because they are non-linear in the extreme. Making them look natural on a curved staircase is an artisanal skill.

Stair runner with border and stair rods
The light color in the center of the carpet guides and eye and the climber up in a natural way. The sharp border and stair rods contribute symmetry and  make for a well-groomed impression.


Animal print carpet highllighted with lighter center and stair rods seen from above,
The same animal print stair runner seen from above.



A Job from the Beginning

Bare curving staircase under construction.
This beautiful circular staircase is going to look great with leopard skin. Access at this stage of development is important because it facilitates measuring.


Here you can see what Chris saw at the beginning of the installation job, a measurement challenge. This must be right from the start.


Leopard patterned stair runner at the beginning of the installation.
Although it will look like a single run of carpet at the end of the installation, it is way too complex to be constructed that way. Carpentry skills are needed here to give the rug the long single-carpet look. Carpets require special tailoring to curve.


Jobs like these require time and patience. Our aim is to order the carpet that will be needed and get it installed and looking great without a lot of leftovers.



From Above

The pattern leads the eye down. The flair-outs designed into the staircase and into the carpet make this a very skillful installation.


A Trim Pattern

This is a cozy look, made warm and inviting by a trim installation.

A carpet with a square pattern on a gray rug installed on stairs.
This is a neat inviting look that gives the space order. 


Looking down.

A gray rug with herring bone stitching and a square pattern on a carpet descending wooden stairs.
This is a nice balance between the warm wood and the cool, trim carpet. Notice how the carpet "turns the corner" at the landing while maintaining pattern integrity.



Plain and Elegant

Simple, elegant black and white patterned stair-runner.




The Pattern Follows the Curve and Flairs at the Bottom

A stair-runner with a tight gray pattern follows a curved staircase and flairs at the bottom




Intricate Pattern Matched in 180 Degree Direction Change

  Black ane white patterned carpet inintricate, complex design.


We are glad to have Chris Sharpless on board and continue to admire his work.