Signs of Big Changes in Fine Rug Making

Times change. Technology changes. Markets change.  Skill sets change.


Now for the first time in thousands of years, gradually, very gradually the hand-knotted rug industry is showing signs of change.


We want to show you a couple of examples of where things may be headed.


Are Machines Coming?


The first three rugs are from world class carpet maker, Samad.  They feature high quality wool,  handcrafted dyes, and first-class workmanship.


How are they different?


A machine weaved them.


Samad’s technicians have been several years developing machines that can provide a hand-knotted look to the rugs using high-quality wool.


The bottom line:  approximately one half the cost of a similar look in hand-knotted.



Elation Charcoal Rug


Peace Gray Rug


Nirvana Paradise Ivory


Change the Knot Structure. Change the Rug.


At Addison/Dicus & Bailey we came up with an idea for a simple modification that has been successful nationally.


For several years we have  carried a rug called  Versailles Seabreeze. It has been incredibly popular. We got the idea:  What if the rug were weaved with thicker yarn and fewer knots? What would it look like? How would its texture feel? How would it affect the price?


We took the idea to the rug’s maker, Tamarian, who built a prototype that has been successful at trade shows all over the US.


The bottom line: a new look and feel and approximately 35 percent less cost than the original.


Here's a shot of the before and after.


Original Versailles Seabreeze


menagerie seabreeze


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