A Rug Showing - Two Different Looks

Rugs have a remarkable effect on a room. We see it everyday when we place rugs in spaces for designers to approve (or not).

Borrowing a fine setting from our friends at Market Place Interiors, we take a look at a couple of effects. Feel free to approve (or not).

Here is the grouping. It's attractive on its own, full of lots of eye-appealing furnishings. Let's lay out a couple of rugs and see how things change.


Teal Pearl

This rug's style is transistional. The columnar all-over pattern looks traditional, but this rug is of thoroughly modern design. As one swithces focus between the thicker, ivory-colored elements to the thinner teal, the pattern produces an entertaining visual. This shot shows the "dark" side of the rug.


Here is a detail. Lots to entertain one visually if the conversation falters.




Here is a shot showing the "light side" of the rug. Fine rugs are dynamic and organic.






This neutral-colored rug is a great example of a transitional design full of interest, yet definitely playing a supporting roll in the overall look of the room.



It also has a different look depending on where you are viewing it. This is the "light side."





Aside from great patterning and superb neutral coloration, this rug possesses a cozy texture.




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