Remove the Objects to Trouble Free Carpet Installation

Heavy Objects Can End a Carpet Installation

Things can go wrong at a carpet installation. 

Some are technical and require that the interior designer gets together with other artisans to prepare the space for our installers. Check out three oversights that can ruin your carpet installation and your day.

Others, like moving objects that our guys are not trained to handle, are more obvious, but can still ruin your day.

You want to avoid problems.

When we measure the job, we will make note of these obstructions so that you can make arrangements to move them before carpet installation day.

Here are some that we encounter.


Modern beds can be high tech extravaganzas barely related to the simple box spring and mattresses of old. It can have drawers full of clothes; a compressor and automatic sensors to control the firmness of an air mattress. It can have vibrators, heating and cooling, an installed TV and yards of cabling. These beds must be disassembled, removed and replaced by experts.

White super high tech platform bed.


Pool Tables

Can weigh 800 lbs or more. One slip up can wreck the slate and ruin the table. Requires experts to move it from the room and replace after carpet installation.

Pool table with heavy wooden legs.

Clothes in Low Hanging Closets


These must be moved so that the carpet installers can get underneath.

Book Shelves and Display Cases

Free standing display case.

When sitting on the floor and unattached to the wall, book shelves and display cases need to be emptied and removed.

Large and loaded bookcase in a room.

Shoe Molding

Some carpeting material requires shoe molding to look trim (e.g. jute). Your carpenters need to be ready to install the molding after the carpet is installed. We mention this often because it's often overlooked.

Photo of shoe molding over carpet.


Yes. We have come upon full fish tanks on the floor in a room where we are to install carpet. They need to be moved.

A fish tank that serves as a coffee table.

The Info You Need

When we measure for carpeting, we note the above situations as well as any others that will affect your installation. Designers, please look at our notes. Avoid unnecessary delays in your installation and the timely completion of your project. Help us make sure your carpet installation is problem free and on time.


What applies to carpeting also applies to area rug installation. There's usually only two of us to do rug showings and installations. If you have a question about furniture and heavy object moving, please ask well before we are scheduled.



AREA RUG, SARA 22840 KINARA DK-30 BLACK SIZE 7.10 X 9.9 OR 76.37SF


BLACK, SIZE 7.10 X 9.9

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