Patterns - Visual Harmony

People have created decorative patterns since time began. Perhaps a visual rendering of a pattern rhythms brings harmony to the mind like music does with sound.


There has been a growing trend in all-over patterns in hand-knotted rugs. 


All-over patterns have as few as two colors and repeat the same pattern over and over again. Perhaps our brains enjoy some solace in that and rest from the constant chore of creating patterns from reality.


Here are some recent arrivals at Addison/Dicus of all-over patterns. If you like the pattern and are not so happy with the color, we can manufacture a new rug with the colors of your choice.


This trellis, lattice-work pattern provides a strong neutral value along with a very interesting visual experience.



A very small border contains a complex, but controlled pattern.



With no border, the stylish gray pattern seems to want to extend outward infinitely.



Contained within a narrow border, the all-over pattern pops with color.



With its slightly abstract pattern, this contemporary rug is another fabulous neutral.



Though fantastically a complex pattern, the wonderful neutrality of the gray gives us a soothing experience with this rug.




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