Neutral and Versatile

Designers have recently shown a preference for contemporary rug designs. One reason is the delightful selection of rugs that can be used as neutral elements, yet display incredibly interesting and entertaining patters to up-close viewers.

"They are subtle enough to to with brighter colors," said Janna Walker of JDW Interiors Inc. in Tampa. "You can modify the color scheme years from now and the rug will still work."

This rug is sort of an abstract rendering of traditional hand-knotted rug design. It has the suggestion of a field and a border. The abstract elements are in silk so that they become luminous as the light strikes them in different ways.


"You can turn the rug and have a different experience," said Walker.

Here is a shot of the same rug on the floor of a room designed by Janna Walker.. You can see the design elements luminesce in response to the lamps' light.

"I have found that clients who are accustomed to traditional rug design are happily surprised by the way contemporary rugs are looking," said Walker.



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