My Take on the Atlanta Rug Show

Weekend before last, I bundled up and hit the Atlanta Rug Show, part of the Atlanta Market. Several vendors that we like were going to be there. It was a good opportunity to see what's happening.

I saw no startling innovations,  just the latest steps in naturally evolving trends that have been working.

Return of Color?

The question that everyone around here asks is: is color coming back? Nope. There were no signs of a revolt against the reign of neutrals with the exception of a few accent colors that seemed  to be well represented.

Among those was orange along with pink and some purple.

A couple veteran vendors told me they are seeing a revival of floral patterns.

Lower Price Points

Many vendors were offering lower price point opportunities as alternatives to natural fibers and fabricated carpet. New knotting techniques and loomed wool rugs will offer many choices for a stylish look to rooms that don't have a large budget.

Close up of lower Knot per inch weave
Larger, less expensive knotting techniques are making hand-knotted rugs available at lower prices.


Machine loomed wool rugs
Loomed rugs. Probably lower in price than a fabricated rug. With no pattern designs these offer an alternative to natural fiber rugs for informal spaces.


An Old Friend

Popular abstract rug with orange/red accents
If this rug looks familiar to you, you may have seen it in the Tampa showroom. It attracted a lot of attention before it sold so I bought another one.

Grass Rugs

"Grass" rug

"Grass" rug closeup

"Grass" rug with orange patterned border
Grass rugs are all wool, chic and stylish and are a another low price point alternative to natural fibers and fabricated rugs.


Rug with sitting Buddha
I liked this display, but was not moved by the rug.

Rug hanging behind an old bicycle
I liked this display too and the rug and I bought it. Notice the orange, the color that was showing up a lot.

Oushak Runners

Rug runner in blue

Runner rug in green

Runner rug in blue
These three Oushak runners from Turkish vendors whom I have known for a number of years looked good to me. Designers always seem to find a place for Oushaks.

Prominent Colors

Orange themed rug with pink accents
Orange and pink were featured in lots of rug booths. This piece is from Tamarian, a vendor whose rugs have done well for us in the past.

If you see something that you like or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. We are always interested in what you are interested in.

Mike Bailey
Vice President