Mid Century Modern ART on the Floor

Following World War II, abstract art enjoyed widespread acceptability in New York, which had become the world's premier modern art center.


Jackson Pollock was a superstar among the art world cognoscenti. Outside of New York, many people said and are probably still saying, "My granddaughter brings home better art from kindergarten."


In spite of the scoffing, Pollock's works and that of many other abstract painters are still on the scene today. Now rug designers are borrowing from the Mid Century and designing rugs in the abstract tradition.

Jackson Pollock #8
"8" by Jackson Pollock


Jackson Pollock - Enchanted Forest
Enchanted Forest by Jackson Pollock

Modern Art on the Floor

Below are some rugs we like in the abstract art tradition.


The first thing that you might notice is that they are much simpler than the Pollock free-for-alls. Ironically that makes them into nice neutrals in some cases.

Fluxus Granite
Grays and taupes. Calm and neutral.


Soho Multi-Colored
Here is a nice range of color without being too colorful.


A little color and a little movement.


Harlem Sky
Another nice display of color without being showey.


Jubilee rug
A real color statement.

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