Install a Rug in my Photo

Pictures can really make things easier.
For three decades we have shown rugs in homes for designers and their clients. Now to make the interior designer's job a little easier, we will install rugs in pictures of rooms.

The Room
A room with no rug on the floor.

A beautiful rug

The room and the beautiful rug

A beautiful contemporary rug

The room and a beautiful contemporary rug

A beautiful medallion rug

The room with a beautiful medallion rug


How to Participate

If you are designer registered with us or you are a designer who wants to register with us, submit a picture of a room. Best use a nice large fromat (many cell phones shots are going to look grainy when we blow them up). If you have a rug that you are thinking about, let us know what it is and we will install it in the picture.
Of course we will be happy to suggest rugs based the picture and the look that you are going for.
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