How to Make a Wood Floor Last Forever

Last year we posted a piece recommending oil over polyurethane as a finish on almost all wood floors in the home.

We said oil is better because:

  • It's much more natural
  • Repairs are much easier (no sanding)
  • Vastly easier restoration. Again NO sanding. Simply wash and re-oil


We showed you a trafficked floor from a Tampa home that had been polyurethaned


Trafficked floor finished in polyurethane


And compared it too the oil treated floor at the entrance to Addison/Dicus & Bailey

Oil-finished, high-trafficked floor


It's Alive

It is said that the wood lives and breathes. This very high traffic floor at Addison/Dicus demonstrates that, especially compared to the polyurethane finished floor.


The Best Care System for Oil Finishes

To refresh and refinish your floor, we recommend the oil that the floor's manufacturer used. This is very important. If you have any questions about the right oil for your floor, let us know. We can most likely get it for you.

Several of the wood flooring lines carried by Addison/Dicus & Bailey use the WOCA Oil System.

It's a system because it's not simply spread it and forget it.

WOCA Oil is an open-pored, "live" finish, not just a film building one.

• Penetrates into the wood pores.
• Protects the wood from inside and outside.
• Non film building.
• Forms a protective surface.
• Natural.
• Allows the wood to breathe.


• Preserves and protects the natural appearance of wood.
• Ensures a dirt and water resistant surface.
• Can be spot treated and repaired.
• Does not flake, crack, peel or blister.
• Easy to maintain with soap, refresher, oil and paste.
• The finish can be maintained virtually forever without ever having to sand again. 
• See and feel the wood.

Want to learn more about what your floor's original oil is? Call Julia Kennedy at 813-258-6511.

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