Holiday Decorating with Rugs

Area rugs get attention and are a great way to bring a festive Holiday spirit to  a room.

For example, the right choice of a small rug in a foyer or on a neutral floor or carpet can transform things dramatically.

And If You Really Want to Make a Big Holiday Change...

New technology allows us to customize production rugs with colors of our choosing. It's surprisingly easy. Here is an example:

Decked TK James area rug
This is a lovely rug on its own.

In about 15 minutes, I changed the colors to a red/green Christmas theme. If you are thinking that rug design is not my calling, you would be right! The process produces much better results from talented users. 

Area rug's colors customized for Holidays

There are many programmed rugs to which you could perform this customization.

It Doesn't Take a Lot

You don't need to replace a large rug to get some holiday snap. Many floors are neutral. A festive 3x5 or 4x6 on a neutral background can immediatly say "Happy Holidays!"

A similar rug in the foyer can do the same thing.

For this reason the rugs we have picked to show you in this email are programmed, that is, they are available in many sizes.

The Spirit of Christmas Past

It's always fun to invoke the warm and comforting interiors of the past at this time of year.

Here is a tradtional Serapi that would certainly do that.

Traditional Serapi area rug

Blue's Not Always Blue


Happy blues on the floor can support a festive room.

Smudge blue area rug
Very appropriate in our community by the sea.

Blue customizible area rug
There is a depth to this rug that makes one want to stare at it. However, if it's too serious for you, it's fully customizable to whatever colors you like.

Blue Water area rug
The blues in this image do not do justice to the rug. They are much bluer and are festively highlighted by accents of silk. 

Transitional festive rug in blue
The deeper blues here evoke a magical night decorated with lumenescent flowers.


And of Course the Reds 


A bright, festive abstract.
Holiday Festive Abstract
The broad swatches of saturated colors exude celebration.

Abstract festive rug in reds
This rug is little more serious.

Finally, a transitional piece in red.
Antiqued traditional patterned rug in red
This rug's designer has chosen a traditional design and antiqued it. It would be a great foundation to a traditional and comforting Holiday setting.

Mike Bailey