Have Lunch with Us - And Custom Hand Knotted Rugs

Lately we have talked a lot about customization.

Mainly we've discussed cutting and shaping broadloom carpet to make a custom rug for a variety of reasons.

Today we are going to discuss custom rugs that are handknotted, specifically from Nepal. 

If you like what you see here, please join us and Tamarian Carpets for lunch and an in depth demonstration with samples and slides. See below for details.

When customizing hand knotted rugs, you have many more options. In fact you are practically designing your own rug. 

Whatever you do, it will be unique throughout the world and a lasting tribute to your design.

Lots of Options


The image below shows a rug that has been woven to a specific size to fit a particular space.

Custom hand knotted area rug

And here an odd-shaped rug designed to fit a special room.
Custom hand knotted Nepalese rug in dining room


Stair Runner

How nice to enjoy these Nepalese flowers all the way up the stairs and again at the bottom.

Custom hand knotted stair runner


Space Definers

When size matters.

Custom hand knotted urg in bedroom




Custom hand made rug in bedroom


From a Painting

This rug was copied from a painting and woven to size.

Custom hand knotted rug from a painting.


Knot Structure

Using the same design as a popular rug, all that has been changed is the size of the yarn and knot structure. The change makes the rug more neutral. More here.
Hand knotted rug customized by knot structure


Want to Know More?

You will learn how to customize a rug by changing its size, changing its shape, changing its color, changing its texture. You will even learn how to turn a favorite painting into a custom handknotted rug.

Tampa Showroom, 315 North Willow. Tuesday, June 20 at 11 am.


Orlando Showroom, 408 Virginia Drive.Thursday, June 22 at 11 am.

Geoff Duckworth and Chris Saliga, long time professionals from Tamarian Carpets will show you samples and slides of customized hand knotted rugs.


Please RSVP

Drop me an email at mike@addisondicus.com and indicate whether you will join us in our Tampa or Orlando showroom.

Mike Bailey
Vice President
Addison/Dicus & Bailey

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