Tips on Dealing with Rug Sizes

We get a lot of questions about the best way to place a rug. 

Here are some suggestions with a few principles that you might find helpful.

Defining an Area

Rugs can corral a seating area in the middle of a large space and make gathering there more intimate.

Four easy chairs over a rug


Two sofas in arrangement defined by the rug

When setting out to define space, it's easiest to have a rug that contains the entire setting, front legs and back. But this is not always possible.

There are ways to deal with rugs that are not large enough to contain all the legs of all the furniture.


There are two configurations that guide most bedroom rug placements.

Rug Contains Bed and Tables

Floorplan for rug under bed and end tables

Here the rug is under both the bed and bedside tables. It is suggested that about 18 inches of rug space be available for bare feet all around the bed.

Bed and end tables on rug.

Rug Contains Bed but Not Tables


If budget or space demands a smaller rug, compromise by pulling the rug up to but not under the end tables.

Rug under bed but not end tables

Rug under bed, but not bedside tables

There's a lot to commend this room, but at a couple of times in the day, the rug under bare feet will be its best feature.

We see this solution very often. The rug is under the bed but not the bedside table. It works really well.


Dining Room

Floorplan for rug in dining area


Dining area with traditional rug

Compromise in a dining area is not advised. Here you need to have all the chairs under the rug for comfort if not safety. Scooting a chair between rug and floor while preparing to sit is awkward if not comical.


Too small rug for dining area

This rug is too small and looks crammed. Sitting will feel awkward to diners whose chairs droop off the side of the rug.

Gray neutral rug under dining table and chairs

Plenty of room here. 


Rug with abstract design under dining table and chairs
And plenty of room here.



Sofas and Sectionals


Floor plan of sitting area with sofa and rug.

Large rug under large seating area
Where possible, all of the furniture should sit totally on the rug. This is not a hard and fast rule. Look at the setting below.


Seating area with rug
The back legs of the peripheral furniture have been pulled back from the rug and on to the floor. As you can see, it looks great.

As a matter of fact, the front-legs-on solution might be the only real solution.

Furniture crammed on to too small rug
This isn't working.

But this is:

Seating front legs on the rug
Budget, color, design preferences can demand that the rug is a keeper. Work out the arrangement to make it happen.


Front Leg Compromise

Dual sofas and sectionals take up a lot of space. In most cases it's not practical to buy a rug to totally contain them.



Floor plan with sectional on rug

Two couches with front legs on the rug


Rug under sectional
Rugs under sectionals almost always take advantage of the front-leg-only solution. 


Break the Rules


Small rug in seating area
Sometimes the structure of the room can keep the setting intimate without having every piece of furniture on the rug. 


Happy Birthday, Gary Dicus. We Did Not Forget!

Headshot: Gary Dicus

On May 20, our friend and founder, Gary Dicus would have been 69 years old.

In so many ways each day we are reminded of all that he accomplished as founder and owner of Addison/Dicus & Bailey. Progress continues under the same principles that were in place when he started the business 37 years ago.

Technology can do a lot of things, but it can't stock many hundreds of rugs for viewing and touching and for trial installs at client's homes.

Nor can it provide durable, high-craft carpet installations that are backed by years of know-how.

Nor can it display and deliver long-lasting flooring from around the world.

It's what our designers want and that is what we will continue to provide.

Thank you, Gary.






SIZE 3'6 X 5'6 


Designer net $223.00


Tufted rug all over persian vine 4x6 black


Tufted rug all over persian vine 4x6 red


Tufted rug all over persian vine 4x6 seafoam



Turkish Handknotted Rug Angora Wool Oushak Design
8’11 X9’2

Turkish Handknotted Rug Angora Wool Oushak Design




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