The word "fresh" is hard to describe, but we know it when we see it.

Take the shot of the entrance to Addison/Dicus and Bailey here. We just painted the building. It looks fresh.

Front of Decorative Arts Center Tampa

Freshening our building has been going on for at least a century.

Here's a shot taken, we believe, in the early 1920s. Don't ask what the building was being used for. The truck strongly suggests commercial activity, but it's mystery we are still trying to solve.

Decorative Arts Center Tampa ca 1923

This picture shows the same part of the building freshened for the 2020s.

Decorative Arts Center Tamps NE Corner of Building 2019


Similarly some interiors have a fresh look. Not simply repainted, but "ever-fresh" because of design choices.

We believe rugs can impart that kind of ever-freshness.

Wendy Gold of our Tampa showroom picked out some rugs that freshen just because they have a fresh look.


Seven Rugs to Get Fresh

Imported Hand-knotted Rug
The colors here will always remain fresh. The abstract design might make us think of leaves reflected in shimmering water.


Imported hand-knotted rug Oushak tradition
Oushaks with their playful informality and lack of pretense are always fresh.


Hand-knotted rug, all-over pattern

The all-over pattern with its early spring colors is just complex enough to keep a room ever-fresh.


Hand-knotted rug

The friendly complexity of this rug will keep a room fresh for years.



Hand-knotted rug, Oushak tradition

Another Oushak, friendly and unintimidating and fresh


Imported hand-knotted rug

Fresh all over


Happy Holidays and a Fresh New Year!





SIZE 5'10 X 8'10




392468 NOVA NV-612 EARSHA
SIZE 9 X 12

DESIGNER NET: $1944.00
CLOSE OUT $500.00


Hand-knotted rug AMER 102327 FEZA FEZ-8 AQUA BLUE SIZE 8 X 10'1

AMER 102327 FEZA FEZ-8
SIZE 8 X 10'1

 Designer net: $2258

Closeout $800


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