Flooring on Walls (and Ceilings?)

Tampa designer, Kelly Taaffe (http://kellynoto.com/), always considers interior architecture in her work. Specifically, she thinks that vertical planes are heavily underused.

"I've always loved wainscoting," she said. "But that's kind of dated in today's coastal contemporary environment."

She has found a modern solution in flooring. That's right. Picking out a flooring pattern that's right for the room and applying it to the wall.

"It went up quickly," she said of a recent job. "Plus there are lots of fresh clean finishes, all kinds of drift wood, that work well in our Florida interiors. I can't wait to try it on the ceiling!"

Flooring on vertical elements of an interior design
The column behind the kitchen counter and the one between the windows have been faced with flooring. These along with the formal wooden floor give the interior architecture a starring role in this condo.



Bedroom with wood flooring on the wall
Warmer wood tones in this "wainscotting" make for a very cozy bedroom.


More Flooring on the Wall

Below are some design concepts that might feel at home in Florida. Photos curtesy of  Harper & Sandilands.

Kithchen area defined by flooring on the wall - interior desigh
The bar is faced in not only flooring, but different styles of flooring. It's ceiling is also flooring.



Kitchen with flooring on the floor and walls - interior design
The stove back board is floor board.




Modern winding stairs highlighted with vertically oriented flooring on the wal
The vertical, limed flooring behind the contemporary curved staircase give the structure a lift.







Stairs along wall of faced with wood flooring
The horizontal flooring climb along with the stair treads.








Staircase faced with wood flooring with whimsical figurines
The light, airy vertical flooring boards say "up" and gallery like take the eye to the whimsical figures along the way.








Sun-bleached flooring on the floor and wall with colorful accents
The gray weathered flooring on floor and wall make a great, showcasing neutral.








In this commercial setting the flooring on the wall dramatically defines the space as an accent wall.

See something that may work? Call Julia Kennedy in Tampa at 813-258-6511 or emai: julia@addisondicus.com