In 1898 Scottish textile manufacturer Alexander Morton formulated a concept: set up a rug weaving business in the West that used the time-tested, hand-knotting techniques of the East, but employed exciting new design concepts in keeping with La Belle Epoch creativity and other current design trends. It also claims lineage from the late 19th Century Arts and Crafts Movement which favored traditional British design opposed to  neo-classicism in Britain and America.

He began operations in the town of Killybegs on the west coast of Ireland, County Donegal.

Morton hired some of Britain's brightest, most motivated designers of the day. Together they fashioned rugs so successfully that their look became a style and is still quite popular today.

Inverness from Tufenkian - Evolved

This recent take on the Donegal/Arts and Craft style definitely has the flow and curl of art nouveau. Currently in production, Inverness and other derivative designs are available in all sizes and many colors.

Arts and Crafts to Donegal to Art Nouveau
Tamarian Gurash Black
Borderless and lacking an orientation, this piece shows its Arts and Crafts heritage. However, it also leans to art nouveau with its bold swoops and curves.

Big Donegal Buttercup
Big Donegal Buttercup
This piece combines traditional design with its field and border and uses elements that came from the Arts and Crafts Movement. This is a modern piece still in production.

Bold Departure

The bold and whimsical design is a favorite of mine. It's on the floor near where I like to sit and work. People who walk by never fail to marvel. Addison/Dicus has several sizes currently in production. It's called Tigress BIJ and it's not in our catelog. It's been characterized as a Kurdisn Bijar. However, for me it's much more in the Donegal spirit so I included it. Call 813-258-6511 for more info.

Donegals are a power statement on any floor. And are often on the floors of the powerful.  Dublin Castle, the Royal Pavilion of Brighton, Eltham Palace,and the U.S. White House are among those.

Above all, they are a joy to look at.




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