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Fabricated Carpet Artisan

Artisan is a word that we don't use often in the US.

There are many places where Artisans are held in high esteem. In Italy for example, trades like glass blowing and ceramics and sculpture and stained glass windows require highly skilled human fingers. These artisans most likely learned from their parents, in a tradition that goes back thousands of years.

An artisan is what it takes to build a one-of-a-kind custom carpet with a logo.

Bob Ford working in his shop. Here he is beveling the NY Yankee logo by hand.

Bob Ford in workshop beveling strips of carpet with scissors.


We are fortunate here at Addison/Dicus & Bailey to have the extraordinary talent of Bob Ford. He fits the artisan bill. He started installing carpet with his father before he got out of high school several decades ago and has been at it ever sense.

Today we want to shine a light on a recent project that everyone will recognize. 

Most of us know that the New York Yankees maintain a large spring training facility in Tampa. If you ever have a reason to go there and visit the executive offices, this is what you’ll see on the floor.

NY Yankees branded rug on the Addison/Dicus & Bailey showroom floor

Custom fabricated rug with Yankees logo by Bob Ford.


Bob Ford at work on NY Yankee logo rug.

Bob working on the initials for the Yankees custom 


Tampa showroom associate, Aaron Mitchell, projected the "NY" logo from a 10-year-old rug to make a pattern and made a pattern from the projection.

Using the pattern, Bob cut the initials "NY" from the white carpet by hand. 

"With this kind of technology very available, I can see inserting just about any kind of logo into a custom carpet," he said.

Constructing a template of new NY Yankees branded rug

The old carpet and the projected pattern.


Likewise, Bob hand-cut the hole in the center of the background carpet and fit the initials into the hole. Along the seam of the two carpets, Bob hand-beveled the edges. This produced very clean and assertive graphics.

NY Yankees branded rug on the Addison/Dicus & Bailey showroom floor


More for the Yankees

Everyone has seen the Yankee logo with an Uncle Sam hat on top of a baseball bat.

Here's Bob's working drawing of that logo to be sewn into another area rug.

Scaled drawing for the next NY Yankees carpet project

We look forward to seeing the outcome.

More Custom Carpets

Here is a small gallery of other custom carpets by Bob Ford Jr.

Black rug, white stripes. Custom made.


Abstract rug with several colors of carpet stitched together.


Black and white mosaic area customized rug.


Custom carpet handmade with geometric design elements.




29-SP088  FA #18634  SPANISH CARPET  SP088,  GREEN/BRN  9X11'11"  OR  107.25 S/F


FA #18634  SPANISH CARPET  SP088,  GREEN/BRN  9X11'11"  OR  107.25 S/F

DESIGNER NET $5577     


CLOSEUP of 29-SP088

Close-up 29-SP088  FA #18634  SPANISH CARPET  SP088,  GREEN/BRN  9X11'11"  OR  107.25 S/F



29-SP057 FA #16977 SP057 TRANSITIONAL  9'3"X12' OR 111 SF hand-knotted rug

FA #16977 SP057 TRANSITIONAL  9'3"X12' OR 111 SF



CLOSEUP of 29-SP088

29-SP057 FA #16977 SP057 TRANSITIONAL  9'3"X12' OR 111 SF



Three rugs, Ikat, nepalese, hand knotted, wool, no sale.

Ikat, Nepalese
Hand-knotted, wool

Designer Net $1000


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