Common Sense Rug Care

Samad Golden Age Brilliance Gold SageAccording to Mike Bailey at Addison Dicus, you have three chores to assure that you rug becomes an heirloom.
1. Vacuum sensibly.
2. Deal with stains immediately.
3. Have your rug professionally cleaned every when you visually determine it needs it.

Some manufacturers say never to use a beater. Others, like Tufenkian, say that vacuum beating attachments can remove tiny bits of debre left over from the loom.
We suggest the common sense approach. If your rug is new, moderate, non-aggressive beating can indeed clean away loose fibers and enhance the appearance of your rug. Older, seasoned rugs will not need the vacuum beater.
If your rug becomes "fuzzy," your vacuum for what ever reason is too aggressive. Stop immediately and seek the advice of professionals.

Most stains, if treated immediately, can and should be treated with water. 
Apply clean water. Dab with a sponge or clean cloth until the stain disappears. Allow to dry without traffic.
To remove pet urine, place a bowl under the fouled area and pour water through until it washes away the urine. 
Some manufacturers recommend adding lemon juice or white vinegar.
A product that we do not sell, but use frequently to treat older stains is Capture. 

Professional Help
A good professional rug cleaner can extend the life of your rug and make it shine. Find one in your area.


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