Beautiful Choices

When Beautiful Choices Can Come Back to Haunt You

And how to prevent it

As we all know, beauty can have flaws. As professional rug and carpet sellers, we feel it only fair to point out potential problems of particular products that might reflect badly on our designers and on us.

The bottom line: install these products in the right place so that the beauty you envisioned will last a long time.

Below are some beautiful examples of different weaves and fibers along with tips about where they will work and where they won't work over the long term.

Wilton Loom

The Wilton loom has been turning out wool carpet for over a century. It produces soft-on-the-feet loop pile carpeting in engaging patterns.

Wilton carpet with colorful zig-zag pattern in a loop pile.


Wilton carpet with a geometric, web-like pattern in black and white.



Wilton loop pile carpet sample in a tight, small zig-zag pattern.

There's a lot to love, but here are a couple of things that you must know.

The Pull Test

Illustration of loop pile in a tufted carpet.

The first thing you want to ascertain is that the carpet you are thinking of buying comes from a well constructed lot. Any that we sell we subject to a pull test. That is, we hook a sample of loops and give them a tug. If any come loose easily from the foundation, we reject any piece from that lot.

Stair runners

Over time, Wilton carpet stair runners can get fuzzy at the nose of the tread. This comes from countless feet scraping the small area at the nose.


Does the house have cats? Cats love to work out their claws on Wilton. They can get a satisfying resistance by hooking their claws through the loops and pulling. No matter how well constructed, Wiltons will be severely damaged.


  • Not suitable in a home with cats with claws.
  • Can get worn quickly as a stair runner.



Jute wall-to-wall carpet installation.

Jute is a fine, renewable and relatively inexpensive floor covering. Although it can't be dyed, bleaching techniques can make a variety of shades available.

With bare feet it's the softest of the natural fibers.

It's believed to be a natural insect repellant.

Where Will You Use It?

When you are considering jute, include the following in your thinking.

Jute is prone to popups (sprouting), loose threads that will need to be trimmed to maintain a fresh look.

Here are some other considerations:

  • Jute becomes yellowish if exposed to too much sunlight.
  • If jute is wetted, it loses strength.
  • Must be glued down.
  • Requires shoe molding to look trim.
  • If it's seamed, most likely there will be a lump.

In short Jute requires the most maintenance and user interaction of all the natural fibers.

See more about jute here.

Faux silk

Faux silk rugs dramatize a room with its sheen. And it's not nearly as expensive as real silk!

Faux silk rugs come in a variety of styles and colors and can enhance a design in a special way.

Calm blues themed abstract faux silk run.


Warm neutral faux silk rug.


A faux silk rug in jade.


But faux silk has its drawbacks. These can over a short period of time ruin the beauty you achieved when you first installed the rug.

It can't take a lot of traffic. It stains easily. Thus it will work only in a low traffic, low stain risk environment. It has to be dry cleaned, making long term maintenance more burdensome. 

If your room is a low traffic area and is not going to be frequented by wine drinkers and pets, you should consider faux silk.

But not otherwise.

See more about faux silk here.

Bottom Line

Any of these decorative treasures can work well for you if they are installed in the proper environment. If you have questions, we are happy to supply you with the info that you need.





SIZE 7.9 X 9.10



DETAIL 20-6/16-CR06

DETAIL 20-6/16-CR06  WC DOUBLE LOOP 6/16 CR06 SIZE 7.9 X 9.10

This faux silk rug has has a lot of green in it. The lighting was not right to show the green in the showroom. Here is a pom of that green shot in sunlight.

Pom with green yarn used in 20-6/16-CR06, area rug.

This closeout is going to have a different personality depending on time of day and lighting conditions.


TML02 Olive area rug 5'6' X 8'

TML02 Olive
5'6' X 8'



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