Aria Wood Flooring

Although the area of the floor is relative small compared with the walls and the ceiling, it's a room's most important surface.

On it rests the foundation of the room; a part of our brains scans it for safety; for security; for comfort. And for pleasure.

The floor also offers us lucky humans the opportunity to enjoy a floor for its beauty. It makes us at Addison/Dicus happy that we are in the rug business AND in the custom flooring business.

The aim of Addison/Dicus' Aria Flooring is to offer  looks that are unique and impressive while being very durable, both in looks and in long lasting usability.

Durable Oil Finished Oak

This classical wide-plank oak floor is finished in natural oil, which brings out the natural beauty of the floor while making maintenance and repair easy for the many decades this floor endures.

Natural Look

Here is the same high quality oak finished perfectly naturally. It's probably only slightly darker than the day it was cut. It has the same natural oil finish.


One of the world's most durable woods is also one of the most beautiful. Teak is blessed with natural oils that lies abundantly within its fibers. This oil preserves and protects the wood. If cared for, it will do so for centuries.

Our teak floors are engineered from teak reclaimed from demolished teak structures in Indonesia. Not only does this make this flooring extremely eco-friendly, it assures that you are buying old growth teak whose tightly bound grain make the wood hard.

Very Natural Finish

All of these teak floors are oil finished, which helps to preserve the wood for decades if not centuries. In addition the kitchen in this series is finished naturally. Walking barefoot on it, you feel slight contours and bumps in the wood rather than a glassy surface.

Traditional Look in Teak

The floors in this series are buffed to a high level of smoothness. The oil finish emphasizes the teak's natural beauty.



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