The Academy Awards of Rug Design

Every year the Domotex trade show brings rug professionals to Hanover, Germany from all over the world.


Domotex chooses a panel of shelter professionals and these pick their favorite rugs from new designs from around the world. You might say it's the Academy Awards of rug design.


Designing rugs is a fairly new phenomenon. Prior to the 1970s rugs were basic variations on classic Persian designs. You don't have to be an expert to know one if you see it. Still beautiful, still timeless, still elegant, the traditional rugs now have "contemporary" comrades to join them in showrooms. Contemporary rug design has been and continues to be an overwhelming trend in rug weaving.

Traditional Serape in Persian tradition


Contemporary Design Is Celebrated at Domotex

And since the designs are being picked over by the world's prominent rug professionals, you pay attention and do it with great pleasure.


Far be it from me to forecast trends. You be the judge. Here is my main take-away:


Current rug design favors color and complexity over subtlety and simplicity.


 Tree of Life Best tradtional design and best liked by DOMOTEX visitors

Although not a piece for lavish color, Tree of Life depicts a hoard of design elements. It seems like a festival of complexity. I found it fun to look at and enjoy it more each time I do.

Abstract Rugs

Soho from "Best modern collection: Manhatten Collection"

With bold slashes of color, this Jackson Pollock-like abstract fits well in the complexity and color trend of the show.


Bohemian Rhapsody from "Best modern collection: Manhatten Collection"

Bohemian Rhapsody presents us with a cohesive, yet abstract design with lots of very appealing color. The rug was also a winner in the "Best Modern Design - Superior" category.

Fun on the Floor

Cross Me (K)not  Best Innovation

I am sure this bit of whimsy is going to create love/hate factions. I found its workmanship outstanding and enjoyed it very much. I love it when designers take on unusual material like Cross me (K)not.


From Last Year's Show


I conclude with this cheerful entry from last year's Domotex show. Bright and sunny as a Monet, it shows that the trend toward color and complexity has been around for a while and is probably going to be with us for a while longer.

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