Pets and Rugs

Dogs and cats are beloved members of the household.

But what about accidents on your beloved rug?


Mamluk rugs are named for an elite military caste that started in the Middle East around the 9th Century.


Intricate and awe-inspiring weaving and dying technique produce a pattern that has attracted buyers for over 1,000 years.


In 1898 Scottish textile manufacturer Alexander Morton formulated a concept: set up a rug weaving business in the West that used the time-tested, hand-knotting techniques of the East, but employed

Interior Design in 1657

We moderns enjoy thousands of years of art and decor history. Sometimes when you are out of ideas, the best place to turn is to the taste-setters of the past.

Fashion Show at A/D

After hours of preparation in the Center's Outdoor Artifact Garden, the fashion show had to be quickly moved into the Addison/Dicus showroom. All was not lost. In fact it turned out to be a great event. Check out the pictures and tell us what you think.

d use of silk as a highlight but not overwhelming.  Earth tone colors make it an easy rug to work with furnishings and artwork. My Favorite Rugs (Currently)

Working at Addison Dicus I've been lucky to be exposed to the most beautiful rugs in the world.   I feel I can honestly say that because we represent the worlds most premier weavers.

I'm Loving These Rugs

I feel slightly liberated by having no favorite colors. I'm not on the lookout for certain colors. When colors work in a rug, I feel it then and there and like the rug no matter what the colors are.
Here are a few rugs that I'm currently loving.

Vermeer: Young Woman with a Water Pitcher Great Interiorscape

Johannes Vermeer would have made a great interior designer.

The Procuress Vermeer Builds Design from the Rug

Johannes Vermeer, 1632-1675, is now considered one of the great masters of the Dutch Golden Age of painting.