India, Nepal and the Future of Fine Hand-knotted Rugs

For thousands of years the peoples India and surrounding countries have produced the world's great textiles. They continue to do so today.

Install a Rug in my Photo

Pictures can really make things easier.

Sari Rugs

For about a year I've been fascinated by the sari rug. These are made from silk recovered from old saris.  As you know saris are the beautiful and stunningly colorful gown-wraps worn by women in India. Certainly their appearance almost everywhere you turn there is a major source of the color explosion that India is famous for.

Red Wine and Your Rug

If you've not seen it happen, you've imagined it happening. You are sitting with good company enjoying a glass of delicious red wine. On the floor is a beautiful hand-dyed, hand-knotted wool rug. "I sure wouldn't want to spill wine on that rug," you say to yourself.

Then it happens.

How to Fold a Rug

Did you ever need to fold a rug for shipping? 


The Mahal style gets its name from a village in Western Iran. It's in the Arak district, famous for weaving rugs for centuries.

Pets and Rugs

Dogs and cats are beloved members of the household.

But what about accidents on your beloved rug?


Mamluk rugs are named for an elite military caste that started in the Middle East around the 9th Century.


Intricate and awe-inspiring weaving and dying technique produce a pattern that has attracted buyers for over 1,000 years.


In 1898 Scottish textile manufacturer Alexander Morton formulated a concept: set up a rug weaving business in the West that used the time-tested, hand-knotting techniques of the East, but employed