A Thoroughly Modern Traditional Rug

Last January I attended the Domotex Home Show in Hanover Germany. It is arguably the biggest, most important rug showing in the world, especially when it comes to newly created designs.

Tahiti Ivory Teal Sari Rug

Indian saris are the colorful dress/wraps that make India a never-ending festival of color.

Recently rug makers have taken the same silk as that is used to make saris and spun it into a yarn to weave rugs.

The results are always surprising.

The World's Oldest Rug

The Pazyryk Carpet is the world's oldest pile rug. It was found in a burial mound in the Pazyryk Valley in Siberia. Experts agree that it was most likely not made there, rather Persia or Armenia. They have dated it to some time in the 4th or 5th Century BCE.

Pink Surprise

Rugs continually surprise me.

Build Your Room Design on the Rug

There are a number of great reasons why it makes sense to build your room design on and around the rug.

What You Need to Know about Antique Rugs

Although the availability of beautiful, brand new rugs in unprecedented sizes and colors is enormous, some people have a passion for antique rugs.

What is an antique rug? 

Color Returns - Gloriously

We recently wrote about the possible return of color. The International rug experts at Domotex certainly embraced color in awarding the top prizes for new design to rugs with lots of color.
A sign of things to come? Who knows. Trends are hard to spot until they are indeed trends. 

Beni Ourain Rugs
Beni Ourain refers to rugs woven by a tribal group of the  Berber peoples. They live nomadicly in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa, mainly Morocco.
The Academy Awards of Rug Design
Every year the Domotex trade show brings rug professionals to Hanover, Germany from all over the world.
A Rug Showing - Two Different Looks

Rugs have a remarkable effect on a room. We see it everyday when we place rugs in spaces for designers to approve (or not).