How to Make a Wood Floor Last Forever

Last year we posted a piece recommending oil over polyurethane as a finish on almost all wood flo

New for the New Year

by Mike Bailey

It's the end of a great year. 

Everyone is busy enjoying themselves celebrating the Holidays and happy not to be busy with work for a few days.

Rug Buying Trip to India

At the Varanasi Rug Show in India

By Mike Bailey

Addison/Dicus & Bailey sources rugs from many weavers.

Bold Creativity at NY Rug Show

by Mike Bailey

The New York Rug Show has become a bit of a trend-setter, at least according to vendors that I like and respect.

Floor Covering Warranties - The Facts

Warranties in the Real World

The last place to go when things go bad

The concept of “warranty” can be deceptive. Don’t be deceived.

Nepal Holiday to Delay Special Rug Orders

From Oct 1 through Nov. 7 all Nepalese rug manufacturing stops to celebrate the Dashain Festival.

When to Use a Tufted Rug

So what's a hand-tufted rug?

Illustration of warps and wefts.

Rugs are built on a foundation of yarn, ususally cotton.

More Custom Carpets and Masterful Stair Runners

Make Furniture and the Rug Work Together

The day has come.

Addison/Dicus & Bailey has arrived with your client's new rug. We've unrolled it and are waiting to replace the furniture.

Uh, exactly how do you want us to do this?

Uncustomary Custom Carpets


Sometimes you have to do uncustomary things to carpets to get the look you want.

Check out these stair runners.