Floor Covering Warranties - The Facts

Warranties in the Real World

The last place to go when things go bad

The concept of “warranty” can be deceptive. Don’t be deceived.

Nepal Holiday to Delay Special Rug Orders

From Oct 1 through Nov. 7 all Nepalese rug manufacturing stops to celebrate the Dashain Festival.

When to Use a Tufted Rug

So what's a hand-tufted rug?

Illustration of warps and wefts.

Rugs are built on a foundation of yarn, ususally cotton.

More Custom Carpets and Masterful Stair Runners

Make Furniture and the Rug Work Together

The day has come.

Addison/Dicus & Bailey has arrived with your client's new rug. We've unrolled it and are waiting to replace the furniture.

Uh, exactly how do you want us to do this?

Uncustomary Custom Carpets


Sometimes you have to do uncustomary things to carpets to get the look you want.

Check out these stair runners.



How Small Rugs Can Provide an Outsized Look

A famous interior designer said that every room needs an element of surprise.

Color, Are You Ever Coming Back?

Folks here are always talking about color. Or the lack of it.

More on Cowhide Rugs

New Techniques and New Technology

Who can forget seeing spits roasting giant slabs of cattle on country roads in Argentina?

Who does not love the country that invented chimmichurri sauce? Not to mention the tango!

Now the creative people of the pampas are founding a new industry from their famous cattle culture: rugs fashioned from custom cut and custom dyed cowhides.

How to Make Your Wood Flooring Installation a Success

Your clients expect the best from any contract work that you as an interior designer recommend.

A couple of these, carpet and/or floor installation, can turn into a disaster. We want to tell you about ways to avoid it.

We already covered prepping a floor for carpet installation.

So today we will discuss wood flooring and offer up a few pointers to keep your client's confidence and love for you strong.