Parquet in the Main Stream

Wood flooring manufacturers are responding to the growing demand for patterned floors. There are now plenty of offerings of parquet and other styles like herringbone. Before manufactured floors, laying out patterns required finish carpenters and was extremely expensive. Now not so much.

Below are some examples of installed floors that demonstrate the quality and design options that patterned flooring offer.

Herringbone wood floor in bathroom
Herringbone is a perennial favorite. This dark stained wood makes for a pleasing contrast to the window and the white tub.


Bedroom iwith parquet floor
This dark St. Andrews pattern contrasts beautifully with the bright elements of the bedroom.


TV viewing area with parquet floor
Not exactly a patterned floor, these end piece wood planks are nevertheless attention-grabbers.


Many Patterns; Many Shades

Pattern flooring comes in as many shades as any other type of wood flooring. These lighter shades most clearly show the details.

saParquet floor sample - basket style pattern
Basket Pattern


Parquet floor sample - St. Andrews pattern
St. Andrews Pattern


Parquet flooring sample - loop pattern
Loop Pattern


Parquet floor sample - central pattern
Central Pattern

Move Over Mr. Whipple

In contrast to beautiful and interesting hardwood, a nice soft rug seems only appropriate.

The rug below is the king of soft. The picture only suggests this texture which you probably have never felt before.

It's made of rabbit fur and your can feel it for yourself in the Tampa Showroom. Ask to feel Lapin Rex, which means King Rabbit.

Rabbit fur rug.