More Custom Carpets and Masterful Stair Runners

David van Ling of Van Ling Design Associates of Tampa cites three reasons why he likes form-fitted carpeting:

  1. In odd shaped rooms form-fitted area rugs help to expand the size of the room, unite seating areas and make the room appear larger.
  2. Form fitted rugs allow the under floor i.e. wood, tile to be an added border.
  3. Bound carpet can also give rooms a luxurious custom feel and maintain a good budget.

At Dicus Ford, the installation company of Addison/Dicus & Bailey, long time installer Bob Ford Jr. is really good at making custom carpets and making them look great.

One advantage that Ford holds is that his equipment is all portable. He loads a binding machine and a serge machine on the truck and does custom work at the job site. He eliminates errors in measurements and estimations that can occur when custom carpets are made offsite in the shop.

Leather bound carpet designed by David van Ling
In this example van Ling designed a very special customization for his client. The curve cut into the carpet defines a walkway between the round table (lower left) and the living room setting. The binding on the carpet is leather and is litterally branded with the brand of the owner's ranch.


Sisel cut and bound for fireplace
This combination of carpet on top of the Ford custom-cut sisal with a measured and controlled distance to the marble hearth masterfully integrates interior design and architecture.


Custom carpet cut to accommodate pilaster
Carpet installers refer to this customization as "in and out work." It seems simple because Ford does it so well. However the slightest variation in the distance between the cut-out and the moulding (relief) would turn this from comforting to jarring.

Custom stair runner in gray




Stair runner takes turns
Notice how the patterns seem to change direction as the runner makes the 90 degree turns.

Stair runner ends



Leopard pattern stair runner

Carpets are weaved on a loom with the foundation running left and right, up and down at 90 degrees. There are no curves. Yet Ford has mananaged to create a curved look in the carpet to go along with the gentle curve at the base of the stairs. The serged edges promote the concept of curve. And notice the stair rods help support the illusion of an exact pattern match.

Custom circle copy
Custom-cut carpets unequivocally define space.

Custom made stair runner
A perfect marriage between architecture and interior design.

Double stair runner
Job-one in stair runner installation: maintain perfect distance (relief) between the edge of the carpet and the edge of the stairs. Here Ford keeps perfect relief even as the staircase sweeps open at the bottom.