Luxury Vinyl Tile

You may have already noticed this, but we think it's important enough to the design community to make a little noise.

Luxury vinyl tile is growing big time.

A little over a year ago we wrote about LTV  as a special use alternative to wood. That role is changing. 

It's definitely taking a bite out of the mid-level hard flooring model and is now appearing in higher end designs.

There has been a long term trend of shifting from soft flooring (carpeting) to hard floors. That's why Addison/Dicus & Bailey got into the rug business way back in 1982. LVT is a growing part of that trend.

According to Catalina Marketing, "...vinyl tile has become the second most important sector after carpet and area rugs, with sales that have increased in double-digit increments over the past decade. Factoring in the recent tariff exclusions granted by the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR), LVT could gain additional share in 2020."
Floor Covering Weekly, January 8, 2020

The LTV market has responded by making its product better. Images have improved remarkably and installations are often confused with wood. Textured surfaces are contributing to the look along with new themes like stone and polished concrete.

Here we are seeing successful rooms with LVT in very high end luxury condos. Designers love the look. Plus in our beloved Florida flooding can be an issue. LVT is virtually flood proof, which makes it appropriate for kitchens and baths too.

As sales and use continue to grow, LVT offerings are also growing. Below are a few examples that get a lot of looks in our showrooms.

Luxury vinyl tile in antique pine plank
Authentic antique pine plank


Classic Strip Veranda luxury vinyl tile
Classic Strip Veranda


Admiral Oak luxury vinyl tile
Admiral Oak


Camarilla Oak luxury vinyl tile
Camarilla Oak


Esquire Maple luxury vinyl tile
Esquire Maple


Imperial Oak luxury vinyl tile
Imperial Oak



Kingsguard Oak luxury vinyl tile
Kingsguard Oak


Margrave Teak luxury vinyl tile
Margrave Teak


Oak Linen luxury vinyl tile
Oak Linen


Barnboard luxury vinyl tile


Join Us for Barbecue

Perhaps the question designers ask most around here is what to do about wine and pet accidents.

There are ways to handle emergencies, but better is to protect against them.

Fiber Seal does a great job of that.

To say thanks to those who have used Fiber Seal and show others what it can do, the Fiber Seal people are inviting all to lunch and refreshments on March 11, noon til 3PM.

Lunch will be barbecue right from the smoker.

This event will be at the Tampa Showroom, North Willow.

Fiber Seal will also serve lunch at the Orlando Showroom in the very near future.