Great Twitter Chat about Pinterest

Jennifer MehditashOn Thursday I lucked into a great Twitter Chat.

Jennifer Mehditash gave an outstanding presentation about Twitter for interior designers.

I thought it worth pulling out the main points to make it easier to share. My apologies in advance for errors and omissions. Please use the comment form for suggestions. I welcome them.

Tribe2point0 Welcome ~ 2nite we have @decaporter - giving us an interior designer's @Pinterest perspective
Tribe2point0 Q1. As an interior designer how does @Pinterest help you?
CanoeDesignBlog A1 - Pinterest is a great reference for concept images. The search engine helps to find pretty much whatever I am looking for.
decaporter A1 As designer we are always sourcing 4 great product Pinterest has allowed me to find other brands, artists to share w/my clients
cammipham A1 Pinterest is a good way show your taste, and creativity without experiences
decaporter A1: As a designer, Pinterest is the most fabulous tool to share your design aesthetic and style
decaporter A1: For young designers it is a great way to showcase who you are *in an instant* w/o a strong portfolio of work @Tribe2point0
DesignerSelma A1: Great resource for inspiration. Use it for inspiration almost daily. Don't have to flip through tons of magazines or catalogs.
decaporter A1: Pinterest allows me to show who I am creatively without constraint, without limiting it to only images of my work
DesignerSelma A1: Way to show others how great an eye you have as interior designer if your portfolio isn't strong yet. Great ideas for projects.
Tribe2point0 Can’t this just be done through your website?
jennykaypollock A2 I don't think there is enough room inn a website to take the place of pinterest. websites lack shareability.
decaporter A2: I use my blog in a similar way that I use Pinterest -> to share my thoughts and everything that inspires me with all of you
decaporter A2: Most of my work on my website Mehditash Design is still from Europe I am hoping to get published soon so cannot share NY/CT yet
decaporter A2: My website is for my own design work. I only share my finished product but there are limitations.
decaporter A2: Pinterest allows me to share my entire style sense (fashion, food, art, etc) this cannot be done on my blog, or website
decaporter A2: Pinterest allows me, similar to my blog, to share *others* work that I admire, feel inspired by.
klloomis11 A2) I love the heavy visual theme of #Pinterest. It's like a big giant picture book minus the nasty paper cut from turning pages.
Tribe2point0 Q3. Have you been able to detect trends by following likes/repins? Do they influence your design - definite color and style trends
jennykaypollock A3 pinterest helps me identify Trent's within my circle of friends/people I follow
decaporter A3: Few wks ago spotted alot of *Bath* pins so posted about it
decaporter A3: I use pinterest to understand how/why/what is being pinned, and repinned... and when...and by whom.
EveryCrayon A3: Important for us as creative professionals to KNOW what people want. Our clients expect us to know.
decaporter A3: Important for us as creative professionals to KNOW what people want. Our clients expect us to know.
decaporter A3: Pinterest doesn't replace your portfolio / webste BUT it most certainly can influence a client & seal the deal
decaporter A3: So important to watch and learn from pins - especially if you sell product as a designer
decaporter A3: When I am searching for Blog material, is a great place to watch out for trends and style spotting 2 inspire a post theme
Tribe2point0 Q4. Have clients found you because of @Pinterest?
decaporter A4 I have recently been hired by 2 new clients and they both mentioned my boards
RestonicBeds A4 We are watching @pinterest as #socialmedia for our products in the future
decaporter A4: These clients were convinced that I shared their style sense through what I pinned, and how my pins were set out
Tribe2point0 Q5. You attended Alt Summit where @8en spoke, what was the Top Tip for Pinners?
decaporter A5: It is not about quantity but about quality (but that is hard in the beg – you get excited)
decaporter A5: back to editing: Pls be careful w/names of boards. You want to be found! Use words that others will use when searching
decaporter A5: Edit = So impt not to have too many pins per board Takes 2 long to scroll. Gr8 quality right away
decaporter A5: I recently renamed all my boards. *thinned* them out and gained +++ followers in minutes!
decaporter Top Tip: A5: share who you are honestly (on all of your online platforms)
decaporter The MOST impt tip: A5 Edit your boards, constantly
Tribe2point0 You will be a StyleSpotter at High Point Market, what does a Style Spotter do?
decaporter A6: Excited about being part of #HPMkt Pinterest #StyleSpotters - We Pin trends, products that stand out at market
decaporter A6:hope all of you will follow and REPIN like mad my picks from #HPMkt ..would love to be able to help those brands
Tribe2point0 Q7. u r also speaking at HP w @tkpleslie “From Inspiration to Income: Pinterest & Olioboard” can u share some w us
decaporter A7: for those attending #HPmkt - Pls join us -> Talk abt how to generate INCOME! from your time (pinterest & olioboards) @tkpleslie
  Big Question – and Answer
MShahab When you delete a pin, what happens to the repins?
MShahab I have tested this on my own boards and they live on:) Just no longer go back to you "