Floor Covering Warranties - The Facts

Warranties in the Real World

The last place to go when things go bad

The concept of “warranty” can be deceptive. Don’t be deceived.

Warranty Facts

Man installing carpetingAll warranties are written so that there is an out for the mill.
Never think that a warranty will get you free carpet or free wood flooring
Everyone, including the interior designer, loses when the only solution is to invoke a warranty.
Warranties will not cover poor judgment. Choose the flooring product that can accommodate the traffic it’s likely to receive.
Good carpeting and flooring products rarely resort to using a warranty to fix problems.
Craftsmanship can handle many warranty issues during installation.

I must state that in over 30 years in the flooring industry, I have never seen a warranty paid.
Carpet Manufacturing Executive, Anonymously

Judgment and Common Sense

Interior design means designing for use. Make sure the product is going to stand up to the client’s lifestyle.

If the warranty inspector finds that your carpet has been picked apart by a cat sharpening its claws, forget about it.

If the warranty inspector discovers skateboard marks on your floor or carpet, forget about it.

If the warranty inspector discovers that your floor or carpet has endured repeated pet excretions, forget about it.

If your carpet or floor is ruined by a professional cleaner, forget about it.

If your installer neglects specific installation directions from the mill, forget about it. (If do not use Addison/Dicus & Bailey installers, be sure to have your installers contact us for specific installation instructions.)

If your wood floor does not exactly match the sample, forget the warranty. Wood is a natural product and can vary just like wine can vary. Our solution is to order a box of the chosen floor so that the designer can lay pieces around the room and spot potentially offensive color variations before placing the order.Wood flooring being installed

When to violate the warranty

Most carpet warranties don’t cover stair runners or custom carpets. Yet at Addison, Dicus and Bailey, we specialize in stair runners and custom carpets. How’s that working out?
Very well. Look here.

Uncustomary Custom Carpets

More Custom Carpets and Masterful Stair Runners

ftWe have had very few warranty problems with runners or customs because of our tradition of craftsmanship and knowing our products. We know which products can stand up to stair traffic. We know how carpet is constructed and can safely and effectively customize it.

At times the decision needs to made between Design and Function.  Sometime the most stylish, more expensive product will not perform as well as the safer less exciting choice.  We have an extensive knowledge of our product lines.   If you are unsure about how a carpet will perform in a specific area, please ask one of our showroom staff.2016

An Often Great Outcome

The one warranty that you can count on is for manufacturing defects. Almost every manufacturer has it. This will protect you from anything wrong in the production of the product.
Carpet Manufacturing Executive, Anonymously

The burden of finding carpet defects often falls on the Retailer/Installer. Sometimes manufactures defects are not obvious and the sooner they are discovered the more likely the carpet mill’s reaction will favor the customer.

Our experience is that common sense and professionalism are way more valuable than a warranty. Problems arise, but here they will be solved.

Remember that as much as we depend on warranties for mechanical products to protect us, a carpet is purchased for its beauty. There is no warranty for that. The best warranty is a knowledgeable sales person.  
Carpet Manufacturing Executive, Anonymously